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New CRC member

September 11, 2019MammaSith Comments Off on New CRC member

I would like to welcome Studio49 , Jonah, to CRC.
Jonah not only has a keen eye for detail on costumes but is knowledgeable with the technology side of costuming. He is also on the Sith Lord detachment command staff.

I also think he would make a great…

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Congratulations CAR501!!!!

September 7, 2019APOK Comments Off on Congratulations CAR501!!!!

We should all give a big shout out to the little CAR501 aka “Hewie” for a massive effort travelling from up near Mackay down to the sandy beaches of the Gold Coast.  Hewie didn’t break down once and made it the whole way, despite being the oldest car i…

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Congratulations to SL35711

September 4, 2019MammaSith Comments Off on Congratulations to SL35711

There has been a disturbance in the force ……..

Please welcome our newest Dark Lord Sticky
Well done on your ANH Darth Vader Jeremy!!


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