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Garrisons Web Hosting

April 28, 2020cyclops Comments Off on Garrisons Web Hosting

In regards to our new server migration facilitated by Altair I’d like to give additional thanks previously touched on by John , Adam “Slide Effect” Cutting has graciously provided the Redback’s , free of charge for five years , a new home on his server…

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New Garrisons Webmaster

April 28, 2020cyclops Comments Off on New Garrisons Webmaster

On the back of our previous Webmasters well deserved retirement I’d like to introduce Matthew “Duras” Laye as the new Garrison Webmaster , Duras has been an active member of the Redback’s since 2012 and has over 20 years of experience in IT , he is a t…

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Thank You

April 28, 2020Slide Effect Comments Off on Thank You

Hi All,

Just wanted to say a MASSIVE shout out and Thank You to Altair for shifting our website and forums to a new server.
We all really appreciate the time and effort it has taken to complete this task and we will endeavour not to break anything


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