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Jammin' for Jared - Solo - Thursday 30-Mar-2017

Date:25th of March 2017

Venue:Beerwah Bulldogs Rugby League Club

Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm

Mission: To help the community raise money For Jared's family 

Trooper Attendance:
Scoot040- TI
Solo- TK

On Sunday the 26th February 2017 the world lost an amazing father and husband.
Jared, just months from marrying the love of his life, Annie, and a father to four, passed away after a severe asthma attack. The same way his own mother died when he was a teenager.
Jared was kind, loving and truly hilarious. A one in a million man with nothing but love in his heart. He leaves behind his children and wife to be, who face a future without their breadwinner and rock.
It was great to see the community get together and help raise money to help out Jared's family.
The weather wasn't looking so good at first, but the skies cleared up to be a perfect day.
We had a fun day entertaining the kids and helping raise money.

Charity Funds Raised:$100

Injuries / Malfunctions:NIL

Public Incidents:NIL

RE: Jammin' for Jared - scoot040 - Thursday 30-Mar-2017


RE: Jammin' for Jared - Imperial Drone - Friday 31-Mar-2017

Great work troopers!

RE: Jammin' for Jared - Teiwaz - Friday 31-Mar-2017

Well done troopers.

Jammin' for Jared - Diatium - Friday 31-Mar-2017

Great work troopers!

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