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Kilcoy Show 2017 - Teiwaz - Thursday 4-May-2017

Date: Saturday 29th April 2017

Venue: Kilcoy Showgrounds

Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

Mission: To attend the Kilcoy Show. 

Trooper Attendance:
Arienh TD
Baytrooper TS
Beanie TS
Bolt_2112 TK
Darkfather SL
Kattak BH
MyKill TI:RP
Redpaint TR
Scotty33 TK
Teiwaz TB

Dark Dora DZ

Liam CTB 1276
Megan CTB 1273

Support Crew: Blue


The first thing to mention is the distance people had to travel to get to Kilcoy. 14 people but none of them live less than an hour away. We came from Browns Plains to the south, Toowoomba to the west and Darkfather and Arienh drove 4 hours from Bundaberg. Outstanding effort. 

On arrival we set up the Wanted Poster, flags, popup banner and trading card table. It was a good wet weather option but the foot traffic in the small horticultural pavillion was small, and we left the prop as a static display. We periodically checked on it during the day and found kids were collecting our cards and brochures, and getting photos in the prop. 

We did a coffee recce, one of my favourite parts of the day. We find where has the best coffee and we walk around the grounds looking for hazards and photo opportunities. We also speak to vendors explaining who we are and to have the camera ready when we come back in costume. 

We did a few roving patrols in the morning split into two groups. The response from the country folk was generally hesistant at first, but with a friendly "good morning" and a handshake the ice was easily broken.     

At lunchtime I was interviewed by the MC. I was able to explain we are a volunteer costuming club raising money for charities at community events like this one. 

We had a break at lunch and formed up for the parade. 13 of us in costume, with our big flags. We had a small request for the parade, don't put us behind the cows! Well through a bit of right time at the right place, we ended up leading the parade. So a long parade all followed the 501st flag with Darth Vader leading the way. It was quite a sight, certainly a first for Kilcoy. 

After the parade and a break, Vader did the royal tour of the grounds. Of course everyone loves the boss, and he quickly drew the attention. The photos and donations flowed. 

While we were supporting the boss, a certain Jawa was borrowed to assist with the junior muster challenge. Egg and spoon race, rolling a tire, and jumping over hay bales. We didn't get any photos of those antics, but it went down a treat with the kids. The Jawa will be picking hay out of her gown for a while I think.

We packed up and headed for a post troop parmy before we headed home. 

A special mention for Redpaint and Kattak. We love seeing families come out and trooping as a unit. The GA kids have a ball at these troops. They make a great contribution to the troop and its great to see families generate memories like this together. 

Again a huge thank you to all of you for the long drives. The feedback from show committee was very positive. It was clear we were a huge hit and we're very likely to be asked back next year. 

Charity Funds Raised:  $703 for Cancer Council via the Razorback Squad Relay for Life Team. 

Includes $500 from the Kilcoy Show Society.  

Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil

Public Incidents: Nil

Mission Status: Complete Success

Photos: (many more on Facebook)

Great turnout.  

The troopers decide to "blend in". 

Miniature Dewback perhaps?  

501st leading the Grand Parade. 

The whole team.

RE: Kilcoy Show 2017 - Scotty33 - Thursday 4-May-2017

Great report Teiwaz and a really fun troop with a great donation raised.
Looking forward to next year!

RE: Kilcoy Show 2017 - Imperial Drone - Thursday 4-May-2017

Looked like a great troop guys!

RE: Kilcoy Show 2017 - Beanie - Thursday 4-May-2017

these are why i troop, these events are the real fun ones, best day out for a while. thanks all for traveling to the event and made it a memorable event for the Kilcoy folks!

RE: Kilcoy Show 2017 - Baytrooper - Friday 5-May-2017

It was a great day in the country. I won't mention that the POC mentioned ALL the places members came from in his interview on the day, except for Hervey Bay.  Hehehe  Hehehe 

Or that he seemed to miss that again in the Troop Report.   Eyebrows   Aaaah 

I would like to thank DarkFather and Arienh for making it possible for me to be there though.  Notworthy

I do jest Teiwaz, thanks to everyone who was there for a great day, honestly.

Special mention to Cadet "Red"..............oops I mean Blue, for looking after us for most of the day.

RE: Kilcoy Show 2017 - DarkFather - Friday 5-May-2017

'Twas an awesome troop. Still getting dust out of buttons and stitches though. LOL.

RE: Kilcoy Show 2017 - Rebelrach - Saturday 6-May-2017

Awesome great work well done!

RE: Kilcoy Show 2017 - Bolt_2112 - Saturday 6-May-2017

Another awesome troop! We did well confusing all the country folk :P

RE: Kilcoy Show 2017 - Sly - Saturday 6-May-2017

Great turn out, and an awesome effort team, well done.

RE: Kilcoy Show 2017 - Blue - Sunday 7-May-2017

Loved that troop

RE: Kilcoy Show 2017 - MyKill - Sunday 7-May-2017

Great day out.

Accidental ending up setting the pace of the entire parade was "interesting" Hehehe

Decent parmy at the exchange (even if I got veges instead of salad Lol), and the Lángos at the show was mighty tasty too.

RE: Kilcoy Show 2017 - redpaint - Sunday 7-May-2017

Great troop report Teiwaz,

It was a great day and the locals were so friendly as well. 
Lets not forget on the second go round of the parade how Vader missed stepping in fresh dung by millimetres. Wink

RE: Kilcoy Show 2017 - MyKill - Saturday 13-May-2017

So it was almost the Revenge of the 'Sith' - lord Vader could have yelled Nooooooooo!