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Broadbeach Alliance Superhero Parade - Flashheart - Saturday 28-Jul-2018

Date - Sunday 29 April

Mission - To give the fans what they want and make the Superhero Parade the most amazing experience for all viewing and participate in the meet and greet in the mall afterwards

Funds Raised - Donation by the Broadbeach Alliance of $500 to be forwarded to APRFD

Troopers in Attendance - Plenty of troopers to make the Emperor proud

Details - We came, we saw, we made sure there was enough high fives dished out that everyone was more than satisfied. strolling through central Broadbeach, we danced to the music, waved to the crowd and interacted with all we were worth to make sure everyone knew why we are the best at what we do.

Injuries/malfunctions - None recorded

Public Incidents - N/A

Mission Status - Success!!!! This troop is always a great way to kick off the Sunday of Supanova and it never disappoints. Broadbeach Alliance loves having us there and have asked us to attend next year as well

RE: Broadbeach Alliance Superhero Parade - cyclops - Saturday 28-Jul-2018

Nice work, was a pretty good weekend for sure .