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Starlight Zing troop Mackay - TripleSix - Monday 13-May-2019

Date: May the 4th

Venue: Zing Caneland Mackay

Time: 13.00

Mission: To help the awesome people at Zing raise money for the starlight foundation

Trooper Attendance:

TK/DZ 46824 TripleSix
DZ       30419 Doyle

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:

peckles - Sudden Wrangler Smile

Details: An imperial shuttle carrying a top priority and unusual informant from tatooine, namely a jawa who goes by the name Doyle was escorted by a select Stormtrooper to the interrogation chamber where they were "extract" further information from the detainee. While in transit they were intercepted by an unusual gang of mercenaries from the Zing tribe. Both were forced into a labour camp raising money for the deity only know as Starlight Foundation. Alongside a previously captured Ray from the Galactic academy and a scavenger tusken who was unwittingly caught up in the debacle they posed and rattled cans in an attempt to buy their freedom.

More information will be supplied as it comes to hand but last reports were that TripleSix was dancing on the end of a chain for the crime boss Jabba the Hutt

Charity Funds Raised: TBA

Injuries / Malfunctions: 2 Missing buckets and a GA missing undersuit

Public Incidents: NIL

Mission Status: Success

[Image: 9YfJEY3.jpg]
[Image: AsehrYN.jpg]
[Image: FQMdFL9.jpg]
[Image: pNNFidf.jpg]
[Image: GKrJ0YZ.jpg]
[Image: UNSsflO.jpg]
[Image: WNHP5SM.jpg]

RE: Starlight Zing troop Mackay - DannytheBlue - Tuesday 14-May-2019

Great work as always guys

Starlight Zing troop Mackay - Squid - Tuesday 14-May-2019

Fantastic work guys!!

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RE: Starlight Zing troop Mackay - Buddy Love - Tuesday 14-May-2019

Nice work gang! Love the Infinity Gauntlet on the trooper