Brisbricks Toowoomba 2019
Date: 09/11/19
Venue: clive berghofer centre, Toowoomba
Time: 09:00 - 16:00
Mission: To bring some imperial presence to Brisbricks as they held their first display in Toowoomba!
Trooper Attendance:
Tbar troopers: CT: 33827 "Bolt" TK: 90579 "Scotty33" BH: 22810 “Snips”
Brisbane crew: TB: 12311 “Teiwaz” DZ: 70809 “Dark Dora” TI: 17305 “Kelz” TI: 20552 “Mykill” CC: 4159 “Beanie”
Saturday ---
0815: All troopers had arrived and put their gear in the change room. The bump in crew had done an excellent job setting everything up the night before.
0845: After scouting the location for a while we suited up and Dark Dora wrangled the first shift.
0900: Doors opened and the public was allowed in to look at all the Lego displays!
1100: Between 9am and 11am we rotated troopers on the stands, making sure everyone took breaks. Brisbricks let the crowds in at regular intervals which gave us time to get through photos with everyone before a long line formed.
12:15: Bolt and Snips packed up after trooping for the morning. Snips did particularly well, trooping for 3hrs, as it was her first troop as Bo Katan!
13:00: Troopers continued to rotate through and man the stands as crowds slowed down towards the end of the afternoon.
16:00: Event finished
Troopers met for dinner with Mykill finishing off everyone’s meals for them.
Everyone had a good time, especially the random guy playing air guitar in front of the band…. Except he was actually holding a real guitar. It took everyone a while to realise he wasn’t actually part of the band!

Sunday ---
0800: All troopers arrived. Scotty, Teiwaz, Mykill, Kelz and Beanie handled the sensory session with Dark Dora wrangling. Stacey’s wrangling has to be commended as everyone went away happy, she even got a mention in a comment on FB!
1030: First standard session started. Crowd numbers exploded! Mykill battled siblings with his green sabre. Kelz put in a huge effort, trooping 4hrs straight on only her second armoured troop. Scotty also needs to be commended for trooping well above and beyond any sane limits.
1400: Event finish and pack up
Sunday was a huge effort for everybody as no one got to take a break, making it a full-on day. Commendations to you all for trooping above and beyond the call of duty! We hosted a huge event with only a minimal number of troopers and that is amazing.
A massive thank you to the Brisbane crew: Teiwaz, Dark Dora, Kelz and Mykill. There is no way we could have hosted the event without you guys!
I am told that (and I quote) "Teiwaz was the shining light on Sunday, a beacon to inspire the other troopers."
Charity Funds Raised: Total of $660.20 raised for Hear and Say
Injuries / Malfunctions: None to report
Public Incidents: One minor incident on Sunday when a young boy refused to even come in the door with the troopers standing near it, we all had to huddle in the corner so his mum could get him in!
Mission Status: Complete success!!
Link to pics:

[Image: 49053836052_a1d3292d7d_c.jpg]

[Image: 49053622011_4e270dff78_c.jpg]

[Image: 49053586916_c2d75e1d80_c.jpg]
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