Kiyua Performing arts concert report
Date: 27/11/16
Venue: The Empire theatre Toowoomba
Time: 08:30 - 16:00
Mission: To bring some imperial presence to the (appropriately named) Empire theatre to raise money for a great cause and appear as part of the show!
Money raised: Indirectly, by attracting more people to the event. Exact amount unknown.  

Trooper Attendance:
TK/CC: 33827 "Bolt"
TK: 90579 "Scotty33"
Details: Warning! The following contains a dramatization of the actual events!
It was dark. Through my helmet’s lenses I could make out the flashes of red and blue light in the distance, probably blaster fire. I could hear the rumbling sound of many people and a deep thumping similar to cannons. I checked my E-11 for what must have been the 5th time, and then tapped TK: 90579 on the shoulder bell to check he was ready, it was go time.
We were alone, outnumbered, outgunned and without the support of the Imperial fleet… again. I was starting to lose track of the amount of battles we had fought together, back-to-back and against impossible odds. This might be our biggest one yet…
Only 20 minutes earlier I was still in my phase 2 rig, fitted out with the orange and grey markings of the 212th. I was Clone commander Cody, now, wearing the new shiny white plastoid armour of an Imperial Stormtrooper, I was indistinguishable from my fellow trooper (to the untrained eye). This would work to my advantage as Scotty was leading the first assault and I would lead the second, the enemy would never know who was in command.
I heard a cry; “We need to run!”
“From what?” Was the reply
That was it, we pounced. Moving as one, our blasters up and aimed, we stormed the stage, the enemy ran! Our mere presence terrified them into a retreat! I could almost hear the Imperial March as we moved; this was a significant moment indeed…
08:15: Arrived and put gear into our own private dressing-room
08:45: 1st practice (Non-dress rehearsal)
10:00: 2nd practice (Dress rehearsal) (TK+TK)
11:30: Lunch
12:30: Gear up and move out to the front of the Empire to pose for photos and attract attention for the event (TK+CC)
14:00: Concert commenced, we returned to the dressing rooms and I switched to my TK (TK+TK). Our parts included scaring off the hero’s and escorting “Bark Vader” (their running joke of having the stage dog in every show) across the stage, we then appeared again at the end of the show then in the finale.
15:30: Show concludes
15:35: We headed out the front again for a few last photos! (TK+TK)
16:00: We headed home!!
This was a fantastic event and for a brilliant cause. These people practically do the show for nothing, everyone is volunteers. They give disadvantaged kids the chance to be the star in a show with 200 people in the audience every year, and all for free, the lessons, the costumes all of it. Events like these are the ones I joined the 501st to do; it really was an honour to be part of it. They treated us like celebrities and thanked us again and again for being there.
I can’t possibly put everything in this report, there were so many moments that could be written down, I think the dramatized story at the start is appropriate and captures the mood of waiting to go onstage!
A big thanks to Scotty for coming and backing me up with this one, we did it mate! Well done!
Charity Funds Raised: Don’t know the official count, but we managed to get plenty of donations for them at the front gates.
Injuries / Malfunctions: None, other than two TK’s trying to pick up a glove on the floor haha!
Public Incidents: None
Mission Status: Complete success!!
Photos: The best part!

Testing out the change rooms
[Image: 15171333_1808724356072536_53655603495990...ssclbs.jpg]
At the entrance for the Empire!
[Image: 15284015_10153973794350811_5621941677152...z5urmk.jpg]
Escorting and taking photo's with the guests
[Image: 15235699_1808922906052681_13722163643051...rb8k4x.jpg]

[Image: 15181430_10153973794325811_7640243053358...l3yzu6.jpg]

[Image: 15170820_10153973794410811_6336092116304...d23ao6.jpg]
Bark Vader (Without his costume on)
[Image: 15136024_10153973794200811_5987485834697...ibj6bk.jpg]
Setting the Stage:
[Image: 15094461_1808724399405865_59475144080278...ke24dd.jpg]
Onstage, sorry for the bad photo's but there technically wasn't any photography allowed..... 
[Image: 15179214_10153973796030811_5231853872036...nlkobv.jpg] [Image: 15220132_10153973796055811_7019990381255...jc0q1v.jpg] [Image: 15241863_10153973796080811_8352541758955...ckhq5s.jpg]
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Well done boys  Doppeldaumen1
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Great job troopers Smile
Td + Snowie -- Still working on   Bobafett 
Awesome report mate! This was such a fun troop and one of the most worthwhile to date that I have done.
What Sheridan, Tony and all the other volunteers do for these kids who otherwise would never have a chance to attend dance classes, let alone get to perform at the Empire Theatre is beyond words. Also for their families who otherwise would never have the opportunity to attend a show at the Empire.
Hopefully we get the chance to help them out again in the future.
Nice one guys :D
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

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Awesome work fellas, absolutely top notch!  Doppeldaumen1
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Distance Traveled To Troops =  4346.4km
Brilliant work guys!
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