Hervey Bay Family Fun Day- Relay For Life Fundraiser
Troop Report 
Sunday 12th March

Seafront Oval Hervey Bay

11:00am - 3:00pm

To support the Family Fun Day and shake the tin to raise some funds for the Cancer Council Relay For Life event later in the year

Trooper Attendance:

Redback Garrison
Baytrooper : TS 22422
DarkFather :  DZ 37781
Firestorm : TI 91397
Mykill : TI 20552
Imperial Drone : TI 10708
BigDub : TI 10600

Mandalorian Mercs
The Duke


Galactic Academy
GA 2070, Phasma
GA 2069, Kylo
GA 2270, Rey 

Support Crew
Tripple 6

Charity Funds Raised:
Indirect Funds - $ 2041.20
Direct Funds - $ 74.10 from the Collection Tin we had for the day.

Injuries / Malfunctions:


[b]Public Incidents:



Troopers arrived and where in kit for an 11am start, it quickly became apparent that the day was a scorcher. We rigged up the biggest shade tent we could get our hands on but it did very little to subdue the heat. Even our human thermometer Baytrooper felt the heat early on with a quick dash under a shady tree after a few laps in the incredible heat. The crowds for the day where probably the best they have been for a while at the Seafront Oval, we have had some unfortunate timing of events in the Bay that have led to a few slower days. There was slightly different planning for this event with a corporate sponsor that covered the cost of all the entertainment for the day and the good news is they are planning a few more bigger and better events around the bay prior to Xmas.

    Once we where all kitted up 3 more reserve pilots arrived, two having some issues with their navigation system and went on a short detour.I felt it was to spend more time in the air-conditioned transport shuttle.
    We did a few laps of the oval with the punters on the day and got a plethora of great photos, The mood at the event was great, with our Jawa kicking off by doing some great surprise sneak ups on unsuspecting stall holders.
   Both PhantomBlade and Baytrooper charged fearlessly into the bubble pit for some great photo opps.
   Special mention and a big thanks goes to Deltorn. He took it upon himself to do a 4 hour shift in the relentless heat without a break and manned the Redbacks table for the entire duration of the event, as well as bringing up the CRL folders, banners and table covers. It was great to have that experience here and gave us all some ideas of structuring future events. Its great to let people into the detail of what and why we troop. To grow we need recruits and we have a new cadet sign up after the day wrapped up after chatting with us.
   After about 3 and a half hours of photos, entertaining the punters, keeping the stall-holders entertained, the ritual of the beach photo shoot we packed up the marquee and tables and loaded out to the post troop event at Fish & Grill. (via the pub for BEERS)

Happy to say we all ate the best, biggest, tastiest parmies and we ALL finished them. There was some bad form prior to this sitting but all is now forgotten....There was a live stream to broadcast the last few mouth-fulls of mine. Duke (Herbs?) and Michelle where seated close to me and actually backed out their chairs at one stage as it was touch and go!

A massive thanks again to Deltorn and the fly boys that did the 7 odd hour return trip up and back in one day. Cant say enough how excited we get when we have visitors come up to troop and our presence grows. It was great having both Mando's there also. Mixes things up for the locals as after all it is a tiny town.

 Ria must have been knitting for literally days prior to this event to create some very cool knitted troopers. She made these just to donate them to the raffle on the day. Given there was no gold coin entry to this it was the raffle and coin bucket donations that drove the fundraising so well done and big thanks to Ria

Always a very special mention to the GA crew... REY, REN & PHASMA. Man it was a seriously hot day, and the kids trooped their little hearts out. It must be said they trooped far longer than me, as i was even struggling with the heat whilst wrangling yet the kids powered on.    The kids always feel like they are a part of the Garrison and are made to feel important so i thank you all for that. My lot are still buzzing about it. They had several photos taken with class mates but still kept it incognito and did not take their lids off! 

 To top off the day with yet another funny moment post-parmy, Mykill received a phone call to say that he had won back some of the merch that the Garrison donated. He promptly drove right back down to the oval to collect it. He is now the proud owner of a Big Fig Death Trooper and a seriously questionable TR cap that was donated as a "movie replica"
  The photo by Trent of the prize collection is one of the funniest of the day!!!

Mission Status: [color=#99ffff]Success!

[Image: 17360699_10154209628505443_1303959549_n_zpse1sx7qoz.jpg]
[Image: 17274378_10154209630485443_1030241685_n_zps8xnet27f.jpg]
[Image: 17351086_10154209630235443_1182762140_n_zpsdohtuhos.jpg]
[Image: 17355040_10154209630405443_1986920026_n_zpsv1uvbj1d.jpg]
[Image: 17380054_10154209630180443_1420336675_o_zpsaxjwk1dk.jpg]
[Image: 17357534_10154209630375443_1831201932_o_zps7rtaizzl.jpg]
[Image: 17354749_10154209630025443_917284644_n_zpsdmtpuwip.jpg]
[Image: 17352865_10154209629960443_1147098166_n_zpst7iyfoow.jpg]
[Image: 17354951_10154209629715443_1704456466_n_zpssrkxuagn.jpg]
[Image: 17379816_10154209630050443_774880754_o_zpsg369x5oa.jpg]
[Image: 17342025_10154209629965443_933392133_o_zps1md40ljd.jpg]
[Image: 17328195_10154209629660443_300913091_n_zpsm841vcmr.jpg]
[Image: 17342114_10154209629820443_2109078384_o_zpsrd7ih2hj.jpg]
[Image: 17328187_10154209629305443_1674462306_n_zpspdozmtdo.jpg]
[Image: 17360623_10154209629220443_1290902764_n_zpsrz2ehvu7.jpg]
[Image: 17380118_10154209629440443_2117457693_o_zpsihlfzldr.jpg]
[Image: 17373371_10154209629265443_1056117517_o_zpsfdyeciye.jpg]
[Image: 17357754_10154209629785443_876791166_o_zpspeapd2se.jpg]

Aaaaand, the PARMY GROUP SHOT!!
[Image: 17361457_10154209628455443_29294069_n_zpswpvu0zuo.jpg]

[Image: cwbSIYI.jpg?4][Image: 2b9f3m8.png]
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[Image: xkUIaO4.jpg]

Awesome report BigDub. It sure was a warm troop that day.
[Image: VXgDbT3.jpg]
See what happens when you do troop reports late at night BigDub you put the wrong support crew lol
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DW2017 FNG
Well done troopers , nice work .
Great report BigDub! It was worth the drive up (and subsequent detour) to troop in the Bay when the reward is a frosty lager and the best parmy you can buy!
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Well done Razorbacks!
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Don't know why but link don't work for my self tried via android , laptop and iPad , looks like a cool event . 

Twas a very warm troop. I'm very glad I didn't end up seeing your parmi again BigDub, was very close though.
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(Saturday 18-Mar-2017, 03:45 PM)Wolf Wrote:  Don't know why but link don't work for my self tried via android , laptop and iPad , looks like a cool event . 


Same here. I think BigDub has used the mobile link.  Sad

Twas a very, very warm day. Thanks again to those who traveled to troop in the Bay again. Once again, the GA kids were awesome. A great day was had by all.
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worked on my mobile
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Photos all sorted now., Shots uploaded to first post.
[Image: cwbSIYI.jpg?4][Image: 2b9f3m8.png]
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[Image: xkUIaO4.jpg]

Great day - well worth the drive.  Those sea breezes standing over at the fence were a lifesaver.  That hat is now a Treasured possession (the face wasn't intentional)

I can't wait for the next opportunity/excuse to troop the Fraser Coast.
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