GECB promo Tatts Thurs 13 April 2017
No money raised. Nobody hurt. Photos taken. Tatts mgmt happy. All good. Photos to be used after school holidays over.

Thank you to all who participated Matt, Colleen, Dave, Scott, Josh and Gary.

Thank you

[Image: aa3ac6c965197715c11527e87933e9df.jpg]

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I've never been there before, it is an amazing venue. Only thing missing was nice glass of red, and I'll fix that on my next visit! The ball is going to be a great night, can't wait.
GCSN16 >> GCSN19
DW2015 >> DW2018
OCC2015 >> OCC18  
BN15 >> SN18
And yes this was how not to write a troop report. I expect I will be scolded at some point!

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This troop report is way too picture light Wink
You've taken your first step into a larger world.

The droid.. stole a freighter?

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