Triathalon & Family Fun Day
Sunday 23-May-2017

Neilson Park Fred Courtice Ave Bargara QLD 4670

10:00am start

To add a 501st flavour to the Triathlon and Family Fun Day

Trooper Attendance:
37781 - DarkFather - ROTJ Darth Vader (SL)
10600 - BigDub - TIE Pilot (TI)

The Duke

CSLV 2072

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:

Bargara put on the best weather for this event. Cool breezes and a nice sunny clear sky day. Even though only a small event, the attending troopers had a great day.

This time around Vader and TIE Pilot Bigdub were joined by 2 members of the Mandalorian Mercs, Phantomblade and The Duke. Obviously they had heard of a possible bounty to be collected in the area of Bargara, but at the end of the day they left empty handed. Even though they did have an encounter, as we all did, with a member of the public with definite rebel affiliations. The modified Mando Shuttle 938 arrived shortly after Vader's personal shuttle. DarkFather arrived aboard his new 'Razorback Journey Cruiser' code numbered 095 and surveyed the lay of the land before everyone else arrived. To complete the deployment of troopers, Shuttle 257 flown by Tie Pilot BigDub, this time loaded with Cadet Triple9 travelled him north to the event. At this event the young Jakkunian was nowhere to be seen. Instaed, a young Sith Lord was abourd Bigdubs shuttle. This youngling shows definite promise, and his choice of 'uniform' appealed to Vader immensley.

This event ended up with the name STAR WARS: The Day Nick Forgot... (Everything)
Nick was bringing a marquee, and weights for said marquee. but alas he forgot. He also ordered hors d'oeuvres at the post troop meal, and forgot he ordered them (resulting in the waitress nearly returning them, until Bigdubs memory kicked in). He was sufficiently hounded throughout the day about his omissions, but feel free to continue in the comments below. Wink 

The event was a small affair and only took place for 3 hrs all told. It was unfortunate that it was held on the same Sunday as GCNova, but as stated above, the troopers had a fun day. No funds were raised on the day as along with other things, the organiser forgot to supply donation buckets and asked us simply to entertain and get involved where possible. Things we all do all to often anyway.

Many photo's were taken, high fives, and fist bumps. Smiles everywhere. It was a great little troop. Afterwards, we all managed to get in a quick parmy before the southerners had to head home. Once again, thank you to those who were able to turn up and make the day worthwhile.

Charity Funds Raised:

Injuries / Malfunctions:

Public Incidents:

Mission Status:
Complete Success

Compulsory photo with the event organiser Sue Lord.
[Image: OrganiserPhotowithSueLord_zps3fiaclmb.jpg]
The 4 Amigo's
[Image: RazorbackBeachBabes_zpsv90le4fg.jpg]

Despite not having a marquee, the day went well.
(I think I need to start trooping in stilts.....)
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Great work guys!
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Cant think of a better backdrop to troop than Bargara Beach! Such a fun day. Great to see the organisers so grateful and excited for our attendance.

Great report Phil. I can confirm the marquee was safely stowed in my back shed when i got home.

I may need a notepad next time im ordering food as old age is really kicking in.
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At least you remembered me BigDub
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