2017 - Fairview Heights Star Wars Day
Troop Report 
May 3rd, 2017

Fairview Heights State School, Toowoomba

9.30 - 3pm

To promote reading, Star Wars and find the Death Star plans!

Trooper Attendance:
RBG: 90579 - Scotty33 - TK
33827 - Bolt - TK

So...you thought Rogue One finished off where A New Hope started? Wrong!
There was a small detour that Princess Leia made on the way to being captured.

Redback Garrison - 501st Legion in association with Fairview Heights State School is proud to present:

Episode 3.75 - The Padawan Menace Strikes Back.

A rumour was circulating the galaxy that a group of Padawan learners were attempting to help Princess Leia escape with the Death Star Plans from a small school in Toowoomba.
TK33827 and TK90579 were dispatched to investigate....

[Image: 18254580_10155326906951289_313363796_n%2...a58jhe.jpg]

TK33827 attempted to discover the location of the Princess with the ancient art of Hopscotch to no avail.

[Image: IMG_6857%20Medium_zps0qcq0kr1.jpg]

TK90579 just wanted a drink of water, also to no avail, this school would be a tough nut to crack!

[Image: IMG_6860%20Medium_zps6zwsjbhg.jpg]

We enlisted a group of willing helpers in our search, just call us the Pied Pipers of Fairview!.

[Image: IMG_6965%20Medium_zpsuvemddth.jpg]

Eventually we found the Princess, and the Plans!

[Image: IMG_6942%20Medium_zpsxjybetkj.jpg]

We followed her from class to class trying to get the plans back.

[Image: IMG_6917%20Medium_zpsslkjp6c0.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7002%20Medium_zps50aqvlhf.jpg]

While the Padawans were very tight-lipped about where the Plans were hidden, the teachers had no such qualms and freely gave their students up to save themselves. For the Empire teachers!

[Image: IMG_6895%20Medium_zpsq19nuj22.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7009%20Medium_zpsq3tuqtmv.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7001%20Medium_zps4qqdlqun.jpg]

Eventually we came across this room, which for some reason we thought might have the Plans....

[Image: IMG_7020%20Medium_zpsaxic7auq.jpg]

Success! The Plans are safe back in the Empire's hands!

[Image: IMG_6883%20Medium_zpsj5apbbaz.jpg]

Unfortunately, TK90579 sneezed and dropped the plans, which gave the Princess time to swoop and get them back onboard the Tantive IV, but I'm pretty sure our engineers fitted a tracking device to it.

[Image: IMG_6989%20Medium_zpshmfecbuf.jpg]

Lord Vader was most displeased and sent us back to school.
[Image: IMG_6875%20Medium_zpsmxnpzsfv.jpg]

Charity Funds Raised:
None, but the love of reading and Star Wars was spread throughout the school.

Injuries / Malfunctions:

Public Incidents:
None as well!

Mission Status:
Massive success again! This is one of my favourite troops, and not just because it's at my kids school. In the first session we visited the Prep classes and engaged them in a Star Wars alphabet book, lots of high-5s and smiles. We also did a run-in during parade in the afternoon.
This troop couldn't happen without the full support of the school (and the drive of our Princess Leia), they really get behind it, and both Bolt and I are amazed at what we are allowed to get away with! I'm not sure there's too many schools that would let a couple of Stormtroopers patrol the school and interrupt all their classes by charging in with blasters raised! The kids all respond well, even the ones who in the days leading up were a bit too cool for that sort of thing. 
Again, a big thanks to Bolt for taking a day off work to help me with this!
^^ Candidate for World's Greatest Dad, and his trusty sidekick. Great job troopers.  Doppeldaumen1
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Awesome looking troop and brilliant report. Great pics. Well done
Nice work guys...........
Looks like a lot of fun, well done to the dynamic Tbar duo!
Great report Scotty!!
It was a great troop and I still can't believe they let us do whatever we want haha!
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I love an Imperial incursion, looks like it was a blast.
"The Death Star plans are not in the main computer"

[Image: O3WoGCh.png]

[Image: Eu2xjUD.png]

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