Robina Town Centre Star Wars Trivia Night
Troop Report 
Date : 02/05/2017

Venue : Robina Town Centre

Time : 1900 - 2100

Mission : To bring that certain 501st charm to a Star Wars themed trivia night & rattle the can for Starlight Week

Trooper Attendance : 
Flashheart - TR Shadow
Glitch - TK
Blueski - TB
MyKill - TI Reserve
madine - wrangler
Petros - wrangler
RL Attendance :
Alrakis - Jedi
GA Attendance :
Will - DZ
Jackson - photographer

We embarked to the Robina Town Centre food court for what was sure to be a great night of trivia and fund raising for Starlight Week.
After meeting the contestants and photo ops, we left them to answer all the really tough questions and get some fundraising done around the restaurant area (accompanied by Zing and EB Games staff), encountering alot of surprised diners and even more surprised restaurant staff. 
With more photos taken, funds raised and increasing the dining experience for alot of people, we retreated back to the safe confines of the trivia night. Winners were announced and everyone seemed to have had a great night. 

Charity Funds Raised : $250

Injuries/Malfunctions : NIL

Public Incidents : NIL

Mission Status : Success

Looks like an awesome time was had by all! Great work troopers!
FNG  OCC2017  CVIII DW2017  BN16 OCC2016
Another great effort, well done .
Excellent efffort troop looks great!

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