Starlight Day - Friday May 5th, 2017
Troop Report 
Date: Friday May The Sith (5th) 2017

Venue: King George Square, Brisbane, Qld

Time: 0700 - 0930

Mission: To add some Star Wars magic to the Starlight Foundation’s annual Starlight Day in the CBD.

Trooper Attendance:
Donut– TK
Mykill – TI:RP
Rebelrach – TS
Studio54 - SL
Stormraven – Jedi

Details: Another year for Starlight Day, notably on “Revenge of the Sith” (May 5th) this time. Due to renovations at Central Station Starlight’s fundraising was centred around King George Square this year. Troopers were definitely on the sleepy side kitting up in a huge room within City Hall. Heading out with Vader, his cape a-furling we took up patrols in the square a bit after 7am. Nice cool weather! Traffic was light so it was decided to head on down to the ‘scramble’ crossing outside Queens Plaza. Whilst super busy it was a bit of an awkward spot with commuters just hurrying to get past the crossing into the plaza. We were in need of short break so we headed back with the starlight wranglers, Vader stopping to check the transportation options by the council, much to the delight of the bus driver and passengers.

Back to City Hall we were asked to visit the chef’s in the staff kitchen, as several were big fans. We ended up with a small tour of the bowels of City Hall and had a quick chance to act out some ‘Empire Master Chef’ aspirations in the big marble bench topped kitchen. 

In the square the commuter traffic, interest and donations increased, we met some local Mayors and off-duty Redbacks amongst other folk wanting pics.
Troopers retreated gradually after 9.15 to dekit for their ‘normal’ daily duties. Even Mykill was quiet, he must have been tired!!!

Charity Funds Raised: $8,006.00 for the day!!!!!

Injuries / Malfunctions: NIL

Public Incidents: NIL. We didn’t even make any kids cry!

Mission Status: While a lot quieter this year due to the location we certainly made a lot of folks day and helped attract donations for Starlight.   Donut tried on a shiny silver Starlight Captain cape, we think he has Captain Phasma aspirations now, or as an Elvis trooper.

Also: Happy Trooper-versary to Jonah, he’s come a long way in a year, from the Legion’s youngest approved Darth Vader, to a seasoned trooper that is a real asset at any troop. Thank you Jonah!!!
And a big thanks to all the troopers that took on this early morning troop. Great work and a good laugh.

[Image: IMG_2231%202_zpskwaapl78.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2037%202_zpspp0ujeru.jpg]
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[Image: IMG_2073%20-%20Copy_zpsinxvu1zp.jpg]
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Was an awesome troop! Thank you to all who came, no matter how in need of a coffee you may have been haha
As always It's was a pleasure being able to troop with you all

And thank you for the kind words Rach, I love these Starlight troops for the good we can do, so count me in again for this time next year! Smile
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Distance Traveled To Troops =  4346.4km
Great work troopers!
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Was a great morning! Great job everyone!
Happy anniversary Jonah and thanks for POC'ing Rach Smile
damn! I better not be sick next year for this Sad first I've missed since joining up
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Another great day collecting for Starlight. Its always a fun troop and the Starlight team always look after us .
Duty * Honor * Empire

What do you call a stormtrooper who can hit a target?
TIE Pilot Cheeky
A good day was had by all.
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Great job troopers!
UPDATE from Mandy at Starlight:

"The total amount raised on Friday was $8006.00 from the day so a great result actually for the day and we had some really positive feedback from you guys being there on the day.

Another big thank you for your help on Friday and we look forward to us working together for events in the future :-) "

A great result, thanks again Jonah, Matthew, Michael and Bryan!!!
8k.....nicely done.
Were you guys there all day, if not I need to know how much you guys collected in your report for reporting to legion

Great result though.
"The Death Star plans are not in the main computer"

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(Wednesday 10-May-2017, 09:54 PM)Sly Wrote: Were you guys there all day, if not I need to know how much you guys collected in your report for reporting to legion

Great result though.

Sly, we had 4 troopers there 2.5 hours in the morning and I have no way of getting any firm figure on collections for just that time, so the amount would be indirect funds raised in your reporting to the Legion.

Yes it was a great result for the Starlight organisers and volunteers for Starlight Day.
Awesome work guys. This looked like a fun one. Also great work for being in kit by 7am. That's a very early morning. Happy anniversary Jonah, 1 year on and your vader still looks as good and shiny as it did a year ago.
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Great job guys.

However, we cannot add $8k to our total, direct or indirect. If we can get a figure for the buckets you guys were carrying that would be great, but I know that would be hard. Just by being at an event doesn't mean you indirectly raise the funds gained on that day. If that was the case then we could indirectly claim $1.4 million for the Bridge to Brisbane, $500k for the MS Moonlight Walk, $5 million for Pink Stumps Day. I know that a few of the international Garrisons do this to make themselves look good and to inflate the Legion totals. We do not do that here in the Redback Garrison though. Direct funds is what we focus on as they are what we really collect to help all our wonderful charities, directly.

Regardless of the funds in question this looked like a great troop and a lot of fun. Great work to all that attended. Helping Starlight in anyway is always a thrill and a rewarding troop.
Well done troopers!
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