Congratulations GECB 2017!!! What a night!!
Congratulations to Cueloopz and his entire GECB team.  The GECB was a complete success and a fantastic night.  It could not have been anymore of a win, not only for ACT for kids, but also for the Redback Garrison and the 501st Legion as a whole.  Once again the Redbacks have shown the rest of the world how to do things in the most awesome way.

From the start of the evening to the very last minute as Tatterstalls were kicking us all out, there was an amazing vibe to the whole night.  It was a very humble and happy GCO standing up on the balcony looking down at a sea of troopers, their better halves and all the other Star Wars fans that came along for a sensational night, and seeing just how much fun and frivolity they were all having at yet another crowning moment for the Redbacks.  Move over DW, there is a new kid in town!

Without Cueloopz and his GECB team, this could not have happened.  To you Matt and your team a massive thanks to you all.  It was an arduous trek you had to make to get the GECB to where it went last night, but you all got there and it was a massive success.
To all the troopers that gave up their time to troop, bump in or bump out, help out, play in the band or any of the other tasks assigned to you at the GECB instead of attending to add the atmosphere a massive thanks to you all as well.  Without the Garrison pulling together and doing what we all do, these big events do not work.  We are so lucky we have the Garrison we do. 

I will not be stealing the GECB's thunder by leaking the estimate of charity funds raised at the GECB and the Parade for Kidney Health beforehand.  They can have the pleasure of letting you know that, but it is going to be very impressive.  Something to show the rest of the Legion that the Redback Garrison never do things by halves.  10 months to raise $150,000 for the MaW endowment worldwide???  Pfft, they ain't seen nothing yet.  In the past 9 days, including DW2017, we have amassed a very sizable increase to our funds raised thermometer.  To give you a hint we raised over $8,500 just at the GECB auction (I'm sure Matt won't mind me leaking that as that news spread around the GECB dance floor like wildfire) and there is a lot more to come.  I cannot wait for Matt and the GECB team to announce the final tally. 

So please help me thank the GECB team and all the other troopers that made this event such a success.  With all big events the lead up is hard, stressful, relentless and more often than not thankless until it is all over and then everyone wants you to do another one.  Let's just give the GECB team a while to relax before asking them to do this all again.  Even if this is a one off event, what an event and a night it was.  Congratulations to you all and you should all be so proud.  Can't wait for the final tally yo be announced.

Awesome work guys
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Matt, Colleen, Kayle, Bruce, Andrew, John, Stacey, Sue, Dave and EVERYONE else that had a hand in pulling this off - well done.
From those of us who came along to Troop and Wrangle thanks so much for inviting us to play in your sandpit and help make the night as awesome as it was.

The feedback from the guests and staff was phenomenal, the photos online are just incredible.

The work put into this event was massive but all of that work showed in spades during the night with an execution that appeared flawless to the guests!

Thanks again for making this event so fantastic!
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Congrats guys. Sorry we weren't able to be there. Sounds like it was an awesome event.
Thanks Apok...

I spent most of my night running up and down the stairs to various rooms and events as they happened, not because there were any problems, but because the night ran like clockwork and I was getting called over to see things unfold ... To everyone that gave their time on the night, you all worked above and beyond, and on behalf of the committee, I thank you all, you were awesome

A special mention to Apok's Auctioneer style .. it's not easy to be looking out for bids, and encouraging people to bid higher, all while engaging in a discussion on anal probing, but Adam was all over it ! .. Well done mate
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Great work all around! We had a fantastic time and I'm sure we convinced some people to jump on board the Redback bandwagon in the future. Thanks to everyone for being so awesome, we look forward to being more actively involved in future garrison activities (Bring on GECB 2018 - Commonwealth Games style...maybe some overseas guests from other garrisons...)

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It was a pleasure to be there as a trooper/wrangler.  I enjoyed seeing the GECB committee finally relax towards the end of the night as the success of this event became apparent. Watching them all work to make this night happen was inspiring. A great job done by all involved. 

PS - The Cheesecake was amazing    Doppeldaumen1  amongst all of the other things also.
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In all of the excitement of the Auction extravaganza, I somehow missed the desserts... but I think we got something better than cheesecake... though I'm unlikely to eat it...[Image: 499d676354a602305b298e74e5397617.jpg]

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Well said APOK and congratulations and thank yous to the entire team that helped make this night the success it was.
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WOW, what night.
Matt you and your team really put on a great show for all to see and enjoy. Trooping in the city parade was a real buzz and to finish it off at the Galaxy Ball was simply awesome. I managed to cut up a short video from my gopro...enjoy.

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Thanks Apok and everyone who helped in anyway , shape or form . Nice little video Pez , thanks for capturing some good memories from the night .
It was an incredible night! Many many thanks to everyone who worked hard to make it happen!

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wow! sounds like I missed out on a great night Smile

hopefully will be able to make the next one then (no pressure GECB team relax first then come back to confirm if happening)
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(Sunday 4-Jun-2017, 05:26 PM)SupaTrooper Wrote: WOW, what night.
Matt you and your team really put on a great show for all to see and enjoy. Trooping in the city parade was a real buzz and to finish it off at the Galaxy Ball was simply awesome. I managed to cut up a short video from my gopro...enjoy.

Great Vid, love the opening shot (cos I'm in it) AND you even managed to get my wife in shot towards the end ahaha!!!
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Everyone that contributed to the planning, organisation and just plain hard work that went into making this night what it was deserves more praise than can be put into words - speaking solely as a general admission guest, I couldn't find fault with anything if I tried, from the venue, to the food, drinks, atmosphere, activities and the entertainment (even the sound engineering for the band was spot on!), Everything was top notch.
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