Queen St Mall Grand Parade 2017
Troop Report 
Date: 3rd June 2017

Venue: Queen Street Mall, Brisbane QLD

Time: 11.00am - 1.00pm

Mission: Make everyone in Queen Street Mall STOP & LOOK, have some fun, and raise donations for Kidney Health Australia.

Trooper Attendance: Too many to list here! We had over 50+ troopers and wranglers! Fantactic work team!

Charity Funds Raised: $951.50

Injuries / Malfunctions: None to report. I am sure there is some wear & tear but nothing a bit of glue wont fix Smile

Public Incidents: None to report.

Mission Status: Success! More runs on the board for the Redbacks!


There was no better way to kick off celebrations for our highly anticipated Galactic Empire Charity Ball than with a grand parade on the day! Numerous troopers and Jedi knights marched right through heart of Brisbane with crowds of onlookers stopping to admire the mighty Redbacks! Both Imperial and Rebel forces worked together for a great cause – to raise money and awareness for Kidney Health Australia.  

Sofia Kudlak (QLD Community Services Manager for Kidney Health Australia) has passed on her sincere thanks - "Thank you once again for supporting KHA at the Queen Street Parade.  You guys were fantastic and I was very impressed with the organisation of the event and your strong commitment. We are very proud to have you as a KHA supporter and I look forward to working with you in any future activities that may come up." 

The media exposure was outstanding, we were mentioned in numerous newspapers (Brisbane Times, Sydney Morning Herald, WA Today, Canberra Times, The North West Star, Redland City Bulletin, just to name a few...) as well as Channel 7 News report on the night.   
A big thank you to everyone who was able to make it from all of the clubs (501st / Rebel Legion / Galactic Academy), the Tattersall's Club for generously providing a more than spacious change room, and the awesome piper Fergus for leading our parade!

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Awesome day!! Great result
That's an amazing result great work everyone!

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Great day, and a first in Australia (as far as we know) Smile
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Awesome day, by the even more awesome Redbacks and a great fundraising result.

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Thank you so much for specially organising the alternative change room for 3PO & Chewie (Payney). It was really great for both of as to be able to join in on the fun at the end of the parade. Big massive thanks to Sara & Beanie for assisting us kit up.

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Glad i was able to be part of the parade and this an awesome fundraising total for a couple of hours trooping
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Congratulations to all involved, was a great event with heaps of public exposure.
Great result. Well done everyone.
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Was a lot of fun!

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I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.
Fantastic work everyone. Great fun and interaction with the public was awesome

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[Image: 174598_105937692815114_903723_n.jpg]WOOF WOOF!!!!
Great little troop and an awesome result. Some shots my son took on his phone...

Me and the boys...
[Image: 35087214835_7ee8a04dfd_c.jpg]
This kid...
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Set for stun or stunning....
[Image: 34956593001_0059efceac_c.jpg]
Window shopping...
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Black and White goes with anything...
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Well done guys. Great pics of the TKs

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