Golden Beach State School Fun Fair
Troop Report 
Date: Friday 6th of June 2017

Venue: Golden Beach State School Fun Fair

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Trooper Attendance: Solo TK10014

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance: My Wife helped to keep the kids under control

Charity Funds Raised: NIL

Injuries / Malfunctions: N/A

Public Incidents: Only made 1 baby cry 

Mission Status: When my daughters school found out that her dad is a Stormtrooper in the 501st, they have been waiting for the perfect event to invite me to. Then when planing the fun fair this year they were so excited when I said I will do it. 

The event was a load of fun, there was lots of high 5s, fist bumps, busting some dance moves with the kids, lots of photos taken and some dabbing too. The kids (and teachers) were so excited to see a stormtrooper at their school.

The school has done such an amazing job with my daughter and i was so glad i could help them out with the fun fair.

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Great news and well done.

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Good job Nick, we look forward to trooping with you up there next weekend.
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Excellent work mate.
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Nice work I wish work hadn't rang at the last minute and say that they needed me to come in. See you at give me five for kids
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awesome work
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Nice work!
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Fun times!
Awesome stuff
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You ok to put that awesome pic on Imugr please?
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