Torbenlea State School Fete
Date:  02 .09.2017

Venue: Torbenlea State School

Time:10am -2pm

Mission: Help the P and C raise much needed funds for the new School hall

Trooper Attendance:
RBG: Arienh TD  22372  
       DarkFather SL 37781
      Firestorm TI 91397
     Tempus_Redux IC 24059

Support Crew , Wolf  2471,

 Galactic Academy:  Meyzara CKOR2272

Details:  slight warm start to the day as spring has certainly sprung in Torbanlea. Wolf pack sandcrawler arrived at a bright and early 7.30am for LilMissTiger to start her event co-ordinator duties, a few hours spent wrangling Wolf cubs until the imperial shuttle arrived with DarkFather and Arienh and the Wolf cubs followed the call of nature and explored the wild. First duties of the day was colouring in competition judging - Prep to Year 6. There were some very good entries and it was difficult to choose.

We were then joined by freshly transferred in Bridge Crew Tempus_Redux and a little later Reserve Tie Pilot Firestorm, GA Rey and new recruit Lynoceros. Once kitted up a flurry of high fives and holopics ensued. Lord Vader took a chance on the 1st round of the maiden spin on the 100 wheel and won 1st prize, which was donated back to the school and an unscheduled additional round of ticket sales was underway, on the threat of being buried in the kids sandpit he announced the Force was NOT used at all.

Bridge Crew Tempus_Redux tested new methods of all natural, low carbon emmission transport for the death star. Additional testing needed and results are still pending. Some thought he was auditioning for an Old Spice Commercial, "I'm on a Horse, with a sparkly helmet".

Lots of rides, entertainment and holopic opportunities to be hand, culminating in the presentation of colouring in competition winners prizes.

Early indicaitons suggest Torbanlea School P&C will hit their $10,000 target for their Community Hall and are extremely grateful for our contribution to the atmosphere of the fete.

Charity Funds Raised:$127.40 plus a 100 wheel raffle 1st prize re-donated by DarkFather, which effectively netted the school another $100 as they were about to sell another round of 100 tickets 

Malfunctions:none that was mentioned

Public Incidents: None that was made aware off .

Mission Status: A great many photo ops and high fives and great success and some fangirl moments from a teacher whom got to meet Lord Vader

Great work troopers :-)

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It was a fun troop. Great report Wolf Smile
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Great work guys!
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Well done troopers.
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Well done Troopers. Wish I could've been there also. Great job as always.
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