Light The Night, Townsville
Date: 6th October

Venue: Jezzine Barracks, Townsvilles

Time: 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Mission: To bring Star Wars awesomeness to The Light The Night Walk

Trooper Attendance: 
RBG:  DannytheBlue  TK     
            DShrike TB
            Red Empress  TR
            seantrooper  ST
            Vepariga  TB


RL: PChii - Jedi 

GA: Dozza TK

Support Crew: Buddy Love - Wrangling 
                           Papa - Wrangling

Details: We arrived at 6pm to mingle with the crowd, collect our lanterns and chat with possible new recruits. We caused a sensation with our entrance (after walking about a mile in costume having had to park on the grass far from the event, due to it's popularity) We posed for endless photos, with fellow walkers, volunteers and singers before beginning the walk. My personal favourite moment was chatting to two young survivors which is why I am part of this  superb organisation  Peace

Charity Funds Raised: $111.00

Injuries / Malfunctions:None

Public Incidents:None

Mission Status:Complete success

"Purple alert! Purple alert!"  What`s a purple alert?" "Well, it`s not as bad as a red alert, but a bit worse than a blue alert... sort of a mauve alert."
Great work troopers and sorry again about the photo mix up

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Great work troopers!
FNG SN17 OCC2015DW2015BN15DW2016 DW2017  
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Great work troopers!
GCSN16 >> GCSN18
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BN15 >> SN17
Nice one guys. Wish I could've been there
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

Jawa DW2016   DW2017 DW2018 DW2019
[Image: maVE23t.gif]
Looks like a great troop. Well done guys
Well done troops , nice effort.
Excellent work team and for an awesome cause.
"The Death Star plans are not in the main computer"

[Image: Eu2xjUD.png]

nice pics! great work troopers

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