JDRF One Walk - Brisbane
Troop Report 
Date: 24/11/17

Venue: University of Queensland - UQ

Time: 4pm

Mission: To bring awareness to Type One Diabetes 

Trooper Attendance
RBG: TKID and username/costume

11005 Blue IC
20552 Mykill IC/TIRP
4159 Beanie TS 

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:

Guest Trooper- Satel
Cadet- Ranger Tex

When myself and Mykill got there we were a bit confused on parking tickets so I went down to the area where they were setting up marquee’s and they gave us a couple of free parking vouchers. But once that was all sorted we finally all got together and I went to find out where our change room was. When we got to the change room we found out that we had to share but we were fine with that. Myself and Mykill got changed outside and Vader needed it the most so we let him use it. We all got ready and as we finished it was nearly time for the walk. We all managed to make the 5k walk including Satel in his Vader. When we got back to the start line the kids and bigger kids lined up for the photo opportunities with us. After a while we went back to the change room and got out of our costumes and packed our things. I’d like to make a HUGE thank you to the troopers that have shown up for the walk I couldn’t of done it without all of your support. Id also like to thank the support crew in their work on the walk as well. I think we will for sure be asked to go back each year and again I am happy to raise my hand as POC for each year. One last thing is I would like to thank everybody who made a donation to the cause abd for being extremely supportive to me.  

Charity Funds Raised:

Injuries / Malfunctions:
No major injuries just blisters

Public Incidents: 
Non that were reported

Mission Status: 

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DW2017 OCC17 SN17
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Congratulations go to Blue on POCing your first event!  It was a great day out - well done.
And also to everyone for doing the 5km in costume - especially Satel for doing it in full boots (I also learned 5km is about 1km past the limit for walking in jackboots Lol )
I'll definitely be signed up next year if they request us!
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Thanks for that mate Smile hopefully youll have your TI by then
DW2017 OCC17 SN17
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Great work guys
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thanks, was a great troop, and our very first VADER walked in fully ARMOUR, so thats a new milestone!!!
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Distance traveled to troop: 95483kms

Great work all and well done Blue for your first troop as POC.
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Thank you very much Teiwaz
DW2017 OCC17 SN17
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Well done all and excellent job Blue being the POC
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Thanks Tom Smile
It was great POCing an event like this
DW2017 OCC17 SN17
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(Tuesday 28-Nov-2017, 02:36 PM)Beanie Wrote:  thanks, was a great troop, and our very first VADER walked in fully ARMOUR, so thats a new milestone!!!

Great effort guys all round. Doppeldaumen1
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Hope we get to do it again
DW2017 OCC17 SN17
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Nice guys, well done.

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