TLJ Event cinemas Chermside Midnight launch
Troop Report 
Date: 13 December 2017
Time: 8:30pm
Location: Event Cinemas Chermside
Mission: To bring awesomeness to the movie goers in true Redback fashion.
Trooper attendance: 21 in total including Tat base members
Details: We came in force and thrilled to huge crowd of eager patrons, while rattling the cans for Eliza's smart pup. The crowds were generous to our cause.
Charity funds raised: $330.00  Plus a possible donation comingfrom the cinema. Watch this space.
Malfunctions: Nothing to report.
Public incidents: Nothing to report
Mission status: Complete success
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"The Death Star plans are not in the main computer"

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Great work troopers
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Was a lot of fun, thank you for organising it Sly!

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I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.

It was a great first troop for me. People seemed to like Boba. Thanks to all troopers / wranglers that attended. Apologies if I didn't have a chat with you, I think I was still a bit jet lagged to be honest! Thanks also to Andrew for organising the event.
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awesome work guys
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Was a great evening...great work guys.
There was 1 public incident - the fire alarm going off for 45 minutes at 10pm with fears it would not turn off.....
Ha ha, yes you are correct, but not our doing thankfully Smile
"The Death Star plans are not in the main computer"

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