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Hey guys just had my Armour turn up from the STATES yeah boy. Just wondering where on the forums it might have advice on reputable companies that do the bits and pieces to help. Plus being Australia ive noticed in a few years of cosplaying resources are hard to get ( glue etc ) do you guys have links or lists of suggested stuff you should have prior to starting a build :Smile


I have spare sheets of abs plastic metre squares , also deppending on what armour your working on??? Either way if you need extra abs I'm willing to help out where its needed.
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yeah nice thanks for the offer- Im looking for places to get the extra stuff boots, under suits, etc. My armour is from Walts trooper Factory- heard good stuff. just stuck in sydney till i return to Townsville to open the box Sad
Hi Daniel,
What did you get from Walt's? If its Tie related I may have all or most of what you need.
As far as glues etc... E6000 is the glue of choice for most applications. There are many sources for it like Spotlight, or some Redbacks here can supply some. Let us know what kit you bought and we can point you in the right direction to get started.
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Boots -
Flight suit - Mammasith
Belt - Muppet
Code cylinders - Ask RebelRach when the next run is
Comm pad - etsy has a few options
Gloves - SlideEffect

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Wow guys brilliant under way to start getting stuff now Smile just got basic TK armour to start me off and if this goes well Capt Rex is next.
my tx is from wtf if u need a hand walt is so nice to deal with Smile
i use zapper gap for the glue
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Hi red5 welcome to the Redbacks, if its a Tk your doing any plain black undersuit will do, I use black compression top and bottoms
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