50th Birthday Party - Mudgeeraba
Troop Report 
Date: Saturday 13th January 2018

Venue: Mudgeeraba Memorial Hall. 

Time: 8:00pm-9:00pm

Mission: To add Imperial presence to a 50th Birthday party.

Trooper Attendance:
Redback Garrison:
Blue IC
Flashheart TR
Hoon DZ
MyKill TI
Satel SL
Squid DS
Teiwaz TB
TK Hesh TK

Tatooine Base:
Dark Dora DZ
Drone Jedi

Guest Troopers: 
Southern Cross Garrison:
Rhino TD

Tython Base:
Tobee ROTJ Mon Mothma

Details: Our host invited us to attend a Star Wars themed fancy dress party for his 50th birthday. They decked the hall with Star Wars decorations, created a range of Star Wars themed food and even had a space ship corridor backdrop for photos. About 100 of his family and friends arrived dressed as their favourite Star Wars characters. There were whispers about the strange folk in red and black shirts carrying large cases around the back of the hall. All a bit of a mystery, but no one seemed to know who they were so the party progressed and they were largely forgotten. 

An hour into the party the lights dropped. The DJ played the Imperial March and through the darkness appeared a spectre in black, lit only by his red saber. It was Darth Vader! And he was followed by 11 more characters. The surprise was complete, the guests were completely stunned. Quickly the phones came out and the selfies followed. We all had photos with the backdrop and mingled with the guests. The Jawa stole things, the sabers lit up the photos and somehow despite the heat, the Gamorrean danced!

An hour later we were done. The guests had every combination of photos they could ask for, and memories they will hold for a long time. 

The conversations turned to who we were. The guests were surprised to learn we are all volunteers, and then we spoke about Eliza's Smart Pup. One of the guests was so impressed he donated $200 cash to add to the total. 

But the troop wasn't an easy one. It had been a very hot day, broken only by a storm which left the air very humid and still. There was no air conditioning and the change room was small with little ventilation, and we had to stay in there to hold the surprise. But no one complained, no one pulled out, they just kept the fluids up and got the job done.

Thanks to all the troopers for your efforts in very trying conditions. Special mention to MyKill and Blue, who backed up from a troop in Toowoomba earlier in the day. 

Charity Funds Raised: $700 for Eliza's Smart Pup.  

Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil

Public Incidents: Nil

Mission Status: Complete Success


[Image: YTPkor8.jpg]

[Image: LpgwfxV.jpg]
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It certainly was one of the sweatiest troops I've done but the discomfort was more than offset by the generosity of not only the host but the guy who donated the extra $200. Well worth the trip down (thanks again for the lift Dave and Stacey).
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Thank you everyone for your efforts. They’ll be talking about that party for a long time to come.

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Awesome job everyone, brilliant results.
I second Imperial Drone - most sweatiest troop hands down!! Totally worth it for Eliza

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I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.

Great job troopers!
Who. Uses. Wool. For. Curtains. On. The. Gold. Coast!

And the windows only opened 6 inches at the bottom Hehehe - I think the stairs channeled the heat from the dancefloor up to us.  I almost had to go full Adam!

But so worth it, a great troop with great people  (troopers and guests alike) - definitely worth the travelling!
"Perhaps I didn't make myself clear, I said supper is ready!"
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Outstanding work to everyone who made this happen. A great result. Champions.
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Well done Troopers. Looked like a great troop.
Wow! Amazing work guys!
Hot and Sweaty troop, but well worth it for Eliza. As usual we all had a great time. Great troop report Teiwaz.
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Top work guys...well done
That was a first time experience for me at a birthday party. It was fun though Even I had a few people come up to me only and asked for a selfie! Apart from the heat I enjoyed that troop Smile
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Great job there everyone.

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