Townsville Rotary Markets
Date: 2nd February 2018

Venue: Townsville Rotary Markets

Time: 6.00pm to 8.30pm

Mission: To bring Star Wars magnificence to the markets

Trooper Attendance: 6

RBG: DannytheBlue TK 13974, DeathRay TR 23473, Iceman BH 20121
     Pecklez BH 25087, Red Empress TS 16426, SeanTrooper TS 8079

GA: Dozza

Support Crew: Papa

Details: It was a hot night in Townsville and the first Rotary Markets of the new year when our troopers descended upon the waiting crowd. 
The Markets were very popular with at least 2000 shoppers attending. The Townsville crew had the help of our fellow troopers from Proserpine; Deathray in his Shadow Guard and Pecklez debuting her Jango Fett. We were an instant sensation! Surrounded by shoppers requesting photos from the minute we arrived to the second we left the park, sweaty & happy. 
We posed with the police & ponies. We had buskers play the Imperial March as we stomped by. Jango was loved by everyone and Greedo caused his usual amounts of fear & love from the happy shoppers. It was a fun event. I had a blast trooping with great people! 

Thanks to all for attending. 

Charity Funds Raised: $200 to the Make a Wish Foundation

Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil

Public Incidents: Nil

Mission Status: Complete Success


[Image: WpHjhcy.jpg]

[Image: CBqCSwO.jpg]

[Image: dxGc8Ka.jpg][Image: jXXd7Bi.jpg]
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Had so much fun  and greedo the scary alien  lol..........fist time i was not making the kids run in fear.......but i agree a great start to the year had tonne of fun( i may of lost a few founds lol) raised funds n a well desserved sugar feed afterwards at McDonalds....well done everone. Jig Hurrah

The scary alien n bounty hunter lol..... Sus

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Awesome work. Well done guys
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Great work troopers
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Good work everyone, It was a fun night, awesome meeting new people too
Could not believe how non stop it was, like every single person wanted a photo haha
Was super excited to see jango, did not disappoint
[Image: 2rFcW3t]
It was Great troop and thank you to Kerrin and Dan for travelling up to join us for the event , it was good to catch up Smile
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Fantastic work guys and girls!

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