Cancer Council QLD Family Fun Day Toowoomba
Date: 18th February 
Venue: Queens Park markets

Mission: To raise awareness for the Cancer Council and be awesome

Trooper Attendance:

RBG: CC:33827 Bolt, TI:23967 Booster, ID:88668 Satel, TI:20552 Mykill, TI:11005 Red, TK:2916 3phase
Cadets: Snips (Wrangler)
GA: 3phase’s daughter as a Jawa
Details: We were invited to come to Toowoomba’s Sunday markets in Queens park to support the Cancer Council who were collecting donations throughout the day. They had heard about us through the Toowoomba Library troops that we had been doing so the awareness of the 501st on T-bar is certainly growing!  

09:30: Snips and I arrived first and went down to meet Marianne (the event organiser). She was very excited to have us there as her daughter was a massive Star Wars fan! After a few laps of Queens park, we gathered most of the troops and suited up.

10:00: Marching down to the oval we were met with some very confused locals enjoying their morning stroll through the park. I noticed one jogger do a double take and almost fall over as they stopped and tried to pull their phone out to take a photo! We met up with the Cancer Council crew and started doing what we do best… lots of photos!

10:30: We set out to inspect the stalls as 3phase arrived with his little Jawa. We were incredibly popular with the stall owners! We were pulled over by the guy in the donut shop who wanted a pic of us buying donuts. Afterwards he kindly gave us a box as a thank you, Snips did well not to eat them as she carried them for a while!
The pattern repeated as we went past the pizza tent (We were offered a pizza as a thank you) and the pancakes tent (We were offered pancakes as a thank you) and then as we were taking a photo in the lollies tent I spotted name tags in the stall opposite. Mykill found an orange one with Cody written on it so we posed for a photo, and after the stall owner gave me the tag! Wow Toowoomba you are generous! I must say we felt like we were famous.

11:20: We pulled over under a tree to have a break, take off our hats and buckets, and eat the donuts! (I do seem to remember Blue eating two of them…) Mykill went and got us some water which was well received. It was a very sunny day but compared to the week before we had a perfect day!   

11:30: Spotting the fire department we went over for a photo. One of the guys was really into it and asked us to jump into the firetruck so he could take photos for their records. I climbed into the back and Booster took the wheel! We took photos with a cheerleading group who lifted up 3phase’s little jawa!

11:45: We were called over to the Sea shepherd tent, and Mykill and Booster discovered a merry-go-round to practice their flying on.. seeing Mykill fold himself onto the ride was very entertaining!

12:00:  Saying goodbye to 3phase we went back over to the Cancer Council tent where they took some photos of us putting coins into the flower they had made. We thanked Marianne and called it a day!
Thank you all so much for coming up and supporting this event, the Redback Garrison is quickly becoming well loved here in Toowoomba and the local charities are really starting to understand what we are all about.

Booster, Satel, Mykill and Blue all drove up for the day so a massive thank you to all you guys, we really had to give them a good turn out and we succeeded!

Thank you for coming 3phase and bringing your awesome little Jawa! I found it funny how one lady came over for a photo and waved me off saying “Oh not you thanks.. you’re a little extreme for me, I want a photo with this guy!” There’s a win for the Classic Tk!

And thank you to Cadet Snips, you did a fantastic job wrangling for us all, taking pics for us and the members of the public. This event would not have gone so smoothly without your help.  
Charity funds raised: None directly. We weren’t collecting on the day but I will be informed how much the Cancer Council raised at some stage.

Injuries/Malfunctions: Booster’s SE-14r copped a bit of damage in the firetruck, but nothing a bit of glue won’t fix!

Public Incidents: None! Oh Mykill made one kid cry..

Mission Status: Success!! Well done troopers!

[Image: 25460352057_b132daedeb_c.jpg]

[Image: 25460349447_3586b8c797_c.jpg]

[Image: 25460345557_8b4f58d4fa_c.jpg]

[Image: 25460342247_75bd693f81_c.jpg]

[Image: 38522760890_550b3ab300_c.jpg]

[Image: 38522759830_1167ac82cb_c.jpg]

[Image: 38522751490_499e9255ef_c.jpg]

[Image: 39434466525_f4899ac802_c.jpg]
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Great work everyone!

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Great job troopers and great report Bolt, looked like a lot of fun!
Big thanks to all the troopers who made their way up the range.
Great troop, thank you for the invite!
Throat hugs for everyone.
Had a blast, thanks to all involved for such a great day trooping up the range. Awesome photos and report too Bolt.

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Here is the link to the Youtube video of the Tie's on the Merry-go-round
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Great job troopers
Sith  Use your hate and strike me down  Sith
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Well done troopers!!
"The Death Star plans are not in the main computer"

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Brilliant report as always Bolt!
Not mentioning how sunburnt I got during the event though haha! Always great to wrangle for you guys though. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

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I did not make that child cry - he didn't take his eyes off Booster long enough to notice me Lol

I got a little toasted across the exposed parts of my face too (once I realised I was burning, I kept facing different ways to at least keep it evenly distributed  Wink ) - my arms got burned on the drive home Hehehe

my favorite photo of the day  Peace 

[Image: nNv8D5K.jpg]
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Bolt!!!!!!!! lol

Hey Booster told me I could have his donut.
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Great report Bolt! Sounds like a great day was had by all Smile
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Forgot to post this pic! I found it really funny

[Image: 25460351767_daa658326b_c.jpg]20180218_104823 by Luke Shadbolt, on Flickr
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