Starlight Week Zing and EB Games, Helensvale
Date :
Thursday May 3rd 2018

Venue :
Westfield Helensvale

Time :
5:30pm - 8:30pm

Mission :
To provide that special Redback charm while the Zing and EB Games crew rattled the can for Starlight Foundation

Trooper Attendance :

Redbacks :
Darth Cooper
TK Hesh

Details :
Wandering through Westfield Helensvale, we were greeted by onlookers that were gobsmacked to see their favourite Star Wars characters and only wished to get a photo.

Stopping out the front of Zing and EB Games for photo ops, the locals got their fair share of Imperial photobombs and shop holders were intrigued to see us wandering through their workplace.

A cheeky TB and TI done their bit to help Subway sell some sandwiches and we rattled the tin hard for Starlight.

A great time was had by all [Image: fdd930033ad3d856ceaa4fff4502aeb6.jpg][Image: e1a8c67628c37749ee9bf631dd7e5a0f.jpg][Image: b80d9f687082a227dae826eda4a42f3b.jpg][Image: 72f87d2abaec03aab3b257f6002a2082.jpg]

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[Image: 174598_105937692815114_903723_n.jpg]WOOF WOOF!!!!
It was a great troop. Side note - I’m with Redback Garrison , not SCG.
Stay on target!
Great work guys!

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I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.


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