2018-07-07th - QSO 'A New Hope' performance
Troop Report 

Saturday July 7th 2018


Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre


2 performances - Matinee and Evening


To meet and greet attendees at the Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s only two performances of the entire soundtrack for Star Wars: A New Hope at the Brisbane Convention Centre.

Trooper Attendance:

3860       Sithprincess
4035       Kev Vader
5065       SupaTrooper
7253       Zerebin
7384       Big Mac
7570       Starkiller21 (Singapore Garrison)
9133       Gremlin
10025    Thrawn V'jun
11005    Blue
12311    Teiwaz
20552    MyKill
24985    Diatium
31109    Grimlee_TheSkald
35711    Sticky
50180    Donut
70809    Dark Dora
80609    CUBE
81061    Lucky Phil
81915    Bikuchan
90373    Disco
RL           Ashlyn_Dubreas

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:

Guest Trooper - Adam “Starkiller21” Koh from the Singapore Garrison – great to have you troop with us!

Support Crew:
                Bad Karma



An early arrival meant that the minor SNAFU regarding our change-area was sorted, and actually turned out to be a positive. With the change-area located directly adjacent to the sound/video controllers, we were able to hear and watch the entire concert from there.
Troopers spent an hour posing for pictures with guests as they entered the BCEC, and again mingled with guests at the intermission.

Charity Funds Raised:


Injuries / Malfunctions:

Zerebin had a free trip in an ambulance, but made it back to the BCEC in time for the evening performance.

Big Mac bust a boot, and had to do some running repairs. Note to troopers – put together an emergency repair kit for whatever costume you are trooping!

Public Incidents:

Dark Dora had an uplifting experience on one of the floor vents in the BCEC foyer – video to come of that!

Mission Status:


The next concert is on December 1st.  The QSO point of contact, Renee, was extremely happy with our attendance and is already looking forward to having us at the next event.
Twas great fun! Thankyou for organising this.

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An email from Renee, the QSO Contact:

From: Renee Jones 
Date: Monday, 9 July 2018 at 8:20 am
To: 'Kevin Chamberlain' <SL4035@hotmail.com>
Cc: "Harvey, Brant" (Disney), Matthew Hodge (QSO), Rachel Churchland (QSO), Peter Laughton (QSO)
Subject: Thank you!

Hi Kevin,

Just wanted to say a big thank you again for your work in gathering such a wonderful group for our performances on Saturday. We had great feedback from our both the venue staff and audience members, and our staff really enjoyed working with you.

As we discussed, I’ll send you a collection of our collateral for your group to use – posters and postcards etc, and I’ll send through photos for your records too.

Brant – we’d love to invite the 501 legion to Empire Strikes Back on December 1. Are you happy for me the liaise directly and keep you in the loop?

With thanks,


(I asked her on the Saturday night if we could have the leftover promo/merch items for the concert and she will be mailing some out to me to distribute to the attendees)
It was a great experience and the response from the public was fantastic. We had a great day thanks Kev. Looking forward to the next one in December.
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This was a lot fun. Thanks for organising this Kev. Looking forward to the next one.
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Great work everyone! Will work with Kev on more promo closer to Dec date. Dec 1 will be silly season start so no doubt it will be busy.

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Amazing experience and troop can not wait for the next one!
FNG SN17 OCC2015DW2015BN15DW2016 DW2017  
[img][Image: w0oyma.png][/img] 
We both had a great night.  We'll be signing up for the next one for sure.   Peace
Bunnies..... The cutest things ever!
Was amazing to see you all there and attend! Will be kitting up for sure next time though

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I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.

Great troop! what a way to spend your birthday Kev!!

Will hopefully be in costume for the next one  ... and maybe be a TB in time for ROTJ!!
Peace FNG Peace
Thanks Kev and to all the troopers who attended. I was lucky to troop with the evening team and what a lot of fun we had.
I still cant believe we were listening to live music along with the movie - awesome QSO!
Some photos of the nights trooping tricks by Rowena...
[Image: SsvWPPD.jpg]
[Image: qlY7nTn.jpg]
[Image: y4iCkjy.jpg]
[Image: LJDJuqR.jpg]
[Image: 5034518159_37cdf3e6d4_z.jpg]
Awesome troop, have signed up for the next one! Thanks Kev for POC awesomeness!
Had an awesome time - signed up for the next one (hopefully trooping that one as well as wrangling) ?
Thanks so much for including me. This was an absolute blast to attend and was an honour to help contribute to such an amazing night.

Well done everyone!

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