St. Andrew's Vacation Care Program Star Wars Day
Troop Report 
Thursday 12 July 2018


To attend the Star Wars themed Day.

Charitable Donation/Amount:
$250 to starlight foundation Australia

RB Members:

Mykill TI/JEDI #trader

Teiwaz SL

Diatium TK/TI reserve

ForlornCreature Jawa

RL Members

Ashlyn_dubreas Jedi

Mykill trader Jedi

Support crew/ wranglers



Darth Temptress

And all the Staff 

This troop was the second time it has been held as the first time was a great success.
It was a fun little troop for 60 or so little troopers/Jedi to be.

We deployed the wanted prop for this little event, as the Vacation care wanted to make sure the kids had their own framed photo to take home with them to remember this fun and amazing day.

As Kelz and Bully helped wrangle the kids for there photos.Darth temptress tested the kids with Star Wars trivia.
I myself am amazed by the great education these kids had about Star Wars.

After the photos had been taken.all the Jedi’s and the other J character Jawa Jawa Jawa helped the Padawan’s build there own training sabers,to be ready for there crash course on some basic saber techniques.

As there final test before receiving there Jedi training certificate,they had to use there new found skills against Darth Nihilus to protect themselves from him sucking the life Force out of them.

The troop as a great success and the kids and staff loved it.
They will be sure to have us back again.

Thank you to all the trooper and wranglers for being apart of the day.
You are all awesome!

[img=200x200][Image: yTMngKC.jpg][/img][img=200x200][Image: 14X05Zs.jpg][/img][img=200x200][Image: e8QeVMQ.jpg][/img][img=200x200][Image: jK4v55l.jpg][/img][img=200x200][Image: QxjOc51.jpg][/img][img=200x200][Image: 4iMGZAt.jpg][/img][img=200x200][Image: PYafpqe.jpg][/img][img=200x200][Image: RBg5qpu.jpg][/img][img=200x200][Image: B3lEpbG.jpg][/img]
FNG SN17 OCC2015DW2015BN15DW2016 DW2017  
[img][Image: w0oyma.png][/img] 
It was a great troop! Always happy to watch some younglings try to take down Nihilus!!!
Peace FNG Peace
Nice work guys, that group of kids surrounding a Jedi would've been terrifying :D
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

Jawa DW2016   DW2017 DW2018 DW2019
[Image: maVE23t.gif]
Easy money. Great kids, well organised little troop thanks Diatium.
GCSN16 >> GCSN19
DW2015 >> DW2018
OCC2015 >> OCC18  
BN15 >> SN18
Great seeing you guys and getting a chance to help out again. Need more mid-week troops.
[Image: aIWrVx8.gif]
Great work guys!
FNG  OCC2017  CVIII DW2017  BN16 OCC2016
Thank you for all coming along.
You guys were a massive hit with kids.

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