Supanova Gold Coast
Troop Report 
Date - Friday 27 April - Sunday 29 April 2018

Mission - To do what Redbacks do best and make sure everyone in attendance has a brilliant time at Supanova

Funds Raised - $3916.90 (this includes a very generous donation of $500 from a friend of Apoks) for APRFD

Troopers in Attendance - A lot to list but it was a great turn out

Troop Description  - People came from far and wide to enjoy the brilliance of Supanova and to meet their TV and film idols for that special picture for their wall of fame.
As the crowds rolled in, we all ensured that everyone no matter big or small, young or old, was included in our very ample space that we were allocated. With Camp Endor and the GA once again being a crowd favourite, it was all over shadowed by a pesky, smart mouthed droid (thanks for bringing him along Payney). Im sure as his head was taken to get autographed by Alan Tyduk, many people, adults and children alike, were mortified to see K2 with no cranium.
As the weekend progressed, we all dug deep to make sure our chosen charity, Arundel Park Riding For The Disabled, got as much money as we could possibly get out of the public

Injuries/malfunctions - Apart from K2's fingers dropping off, it was incident free

Public incidents - N/A

Mission status - Complete success!!!!! The team at Supanova always love having us there and welcome us back with open arms to make our presence better each time

Photos -     

Excellent result for the the riding school.

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