Hospital Heroes Ball - Gold Coast Hospital Foundation
Date: Saturday 4th August 2018
Venue: Sharks Event Centre, Southport
Time: 5:30pm – 9:00pm
Mission: To add Imperial presence to the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation “Hospital Heroes Ball”
Trooper Attendance:
Redback Garrison:
Blue TiRP
MyKill TI
Satel ESB Darth Vader
Teiwaz TK
TK Hesh TK
Darth Cooper ID Isard
Trooper Attendance:
Rebel Legion:
Catsa Jedi
Imperial Drone Jedi
JediCasey Jedi
Ashlyn_Dubreas Jedi
Tatooine Base:
Dark Dora DZ
Spooky DZ
Details:The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation organizers invited the Redback Garrison to troop at their “Hospital Heroes Ball”. This event was arranged to not only raise funds for vital services, including health research and the cancer patient transport bus, but to also help celebrate all of the hard work and dedication displayed by the surgeons, staff, and carers of those suffering from a range of debilitating health conditions.
The scene was set with a red carpet rolled out along the pathway, leading to the events centre main entrance. As guests arrived, it was very clear that many ladies, and gentlemen for that matter, had put a lot of effort and careful consideration in planning their attire for the evening. The ladies donned themselves in their most elegant sequined dresses, showcasing their finest jewellery and luxurious accessories. The gentlemen were just as classy, dressed to impress in their finest suits and ties. Some guests arrived suitably in an Uber or taxi, in preparation of letting their hair down for the night. Whilst others showed up in style, with groups of people stepping out of their stretch limousines, ready for a night of fun and entertainment, all for a good cause.
As guests huddled outside, awaiting the commencement of the event and to head inside for their first glass of champagne, the Redback Garrison proved entertaining with Jedi’s, a Jawa, and Isard providing some entertainment outside of the venue. Some guests seemed puzzled as to why there were people dressed as Star Wars characters at the Hospital Heroes Ball. Others rushed up to us for photo opportunities and were intrigued by the Jedi’s glowing lightsabres. A handful of people had absolutely no idea who we were, or what movie we were from.
This latter aspect soon changed as soon as the doors opened, and guests flocked down the red carpet and into the venue. After initially being questioned by ‘Paparazzi’, the next station was a photo opportunity with Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. Upon seeing these latter characters, the guests piped up and jumped at the opportunity to have their photo taken with their favourite Star Wars characters. Upon review of the photos taken by the professional photographer on the evening, I only spotted two guests that looked somewhat petrified standing next to Darth Vader. Whether this was due to his heavy breathing apparatus resembling a sleep aponea machine, or due to him being the tall dark overshadowing man that he is, we will never really know.
Continuing down the red carpet and making their way past a group of screaming fans, the guests finally made their way inside and to the mixer area. Once inside, the fun and games continued, with a little cheeky Jawa standing on top of an air vent and doing her best ‘Marilyn Monroe’ impression, which gave the hired Marilyn Monroe impersonator a run for her money. Guests soon realised that this same little Jawa had a knack for running off with accessories, and held their valuables close by their sides whilst awaiting their entry into the dining area.
Once seated at their tables, and allowing time for guests to enjoy a few more glasses of pinot grigio and/or shiraz, the troopers were invited back into the dining area for more photo opportunities. The ‘special ones’ (AKA two TK’s and a TI), were taken around to each table to have photos with seated guests, whilst all other troopers stood safely at the back of the room. The ‘seated’ part didn’t last very long with groups of people wanting to stand up and drape their arms across the TK’s and TI. Some tested the boundaries and decided to knock on parts of the armour that are generally not reserved for knocking on, especially when you are a TI and don’t necessarily have armour in ‘all the right places’. A cheeky Jawa made his way across to the tables and experienced a twisty on one occasion. But nonetheless, the troopers maintained their composure along with a high level of professionalism, and ultimately helped to provide a vast amount of entertainment to a room full of people, who at the end of the day, were all in attendance for a good cause.
Thank you to all the troopers for your efforts in what unfolded to be relatively trying conditions. I dare say that we ultimately all had a good time trooping, as per the positive vibe in the changeroom afterwards, where we inadvertently discovered that it takes two troopers to help undress Darth Vader (or at least pull his boots off). As somebody later said, “It’s not a real troop until you help Darth Vader out of his gimp suit”.
The final scene was set at the local McDonalds for the post-troop counselling session, where we downed multiple lots of burgers and fries, learned that the Bic Mac ‘special sauce’ now comes in containers that you can purchase separately and use as a dipping sauce, were introduced to ‘Spider Dog’ by Blue, and were seemingly being eyed off by staff at one point for having a little too much fun. But the beauty of it all was that it was Lucy Towner’s last troop before heading down to Melbourne for her training with the Air Force, so we wanted to have a bit of fun with it all. So Lucy… I hope that it was a troop for you to remember!
A special mention goes out to Teiwaz and Jedi Casey for assisting me with various aspects relating to the setup and execution of the event- as this was my first event where I have been POC, your support was greatly appreciated. A special thanks also goes out to Blue with his wrangling expertise exhibited towards the end of the night. It was certainly a big help!
Charity Funds Raised: TBA for Gold Coast Hospital Foundation.
Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil
Public Incidents: Teiwaz – Armour testing by guests
Spooky – “Twisty”
Mission Status: Complete Success
Photo: Various photos from the evening (including promotional pieces as featured in the Gold Coast Bulletin local newspaper, and follow-up report with comments made by Teiwaz).

[Image: 37694221_10157678869588761_6302487602024...e=5BC608E5]
Great report Sian , Awesome job done by all who attended .
Great report Sian! It was a great night and certainly a very memorable troop Smile
FNG  OCC2017  CVIII DW2017  BN16 OCC2016
Thanks Sian, it certainly was a memorable last troop!
Great report Sian, it certainly was a handful for your first POC. And a memorable last troop for Catsa. Well done everyone.
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Great report Sian, and sounds like it was a fun troop as well.
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Thank you Sian, it was great fun!
TI Ashlyn Dubreas 
Rebel Spy Wink Tie
GCSN18 DW2018 OCC18 SN18 FNG
It was such a fun troop - even if people weren’t super sure who we were or why we were there ahah

You are a wonderful POC and I look forward to hopefully a few more events closer to home

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