TooCon 2018 troop report
Date: 25/08/18
Venue: Toowoomba City Library
Time: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Mission: To raise money for the Redback Relay for Life and bring some Imperial awesome to TooCon
Trooper Attendance:
RBG: CC:33827 Bolt, CC:4159 Beanie, TK:90579 Scotty33, TI:20552 Mykill, TK:3916 3Phase, OOM 2018 Roger
RL: Beskaryc Marev, Gene Neon, Jeadus Teal, Mykill and Stormraven
MM/GA etc: Beskaryc Marev’s son and 3phase’s daughter (sorry didn’t catch their names!)
Wranglers: Cadet Snips and SL:25087 Pecklez
Details: TooCon is Toowoomba’s very own Comic Con organized and run at the Toowoomba Library. The quality of costumes, displays, events and activities were bigger, better and even more amazing than last year!

0830: With Beanie and Scotty there already, myself (Bolt) and Snips arrived and we began set up, Beskaryc Marev and his son weren’t too far behind.
0900: Roger was set up and we got our table display done. Stormraven arrived and started to suit up
0930: Beanie and I suited up as the crowds started to arrive
1000: With Scotty and Beskaryc suited up we posed for many photos!
1030: The rest of the jedi started to arrive and Pecklez (on her birthday and injured mind you) arrived to help out
1100: 3phase arrived with his family
1130: Our attendance at full strength we did what we do best, put smiles on faces! We posted for the group photo and I went and had a photo with Paul Antonio Toowoomba’s Mayor.
1145: We were attacked by a Dalek! He made friends with Roger (My battle droid) so we decided to let him go, although Beanie found that his whisk wasn’t all that dangerous
1200: As members went home or to lunch Scotty and I held the fort. We decided to go on patrol outside and had a photo with batman, both lego and real. It was good timing too as the brass band played the Imperial March and Scotty got to conduct!
1345: I call it and went to de-kit as Beanie came out to relieve me for the final stretch. They had an interview with the local news and Mykill got to be the face man like he did last year!
1430: The retreat order was given as people still kept coming into the library. We let Roger keep them entertained though.
1500: Began pack up
1530: Pack up was just about completed and I made sure that all the members were out on time for the library to shut.
1600: All the remaining members went home
Charity Funds Raised: $61.10 for Relay for life, Cancer Council
Injuries / Malfunctions: None beside a few sore troopers!
Public Incidents: None
Mission Status: Complete success!
I want to extend a huge thank you to all the members who drove up to Toowoomba in support of this event. I made the mistake of not checking the RL forums so I was very surprised to see so many Jedi appear!
A special thank you has to go out to Pecklez who came up to help out on her birthday and with a bad back, outstanding effort trooper!
Thank you to Scotty, Beanie, Snips and Stormraven for helping me get everything set up on time
Wow what an event! We couldn’t get over how much bigger it was this year. I really hope they do it again in 2019 as it really is an opportunity for Toowoomba people to be a part of something so exciting. The library loves having us there!

[Image: 44267745121_8e66a6551d_z.jpg]

[Image: 44267744901_843df42568_z.jpg]

[Image: 44267743891_865999a198_z.jpg]

[Image: 29331769177_ccc17277dc_z.jpg]

[Image: 29331767837_1c09522299_z.jpg]

[Image: 43550348894_5109a048b4_z.jpg]

[Image: 43550345754_87c25f55e8_z.jpg]
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Was nice to catch up with you, however briefly..looks like you had a good day.
Stormtroopers...Unquestioned loyalty
Was a great way to spend my day would do it any other way.
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Great turn out guys. Good job.
was another awesome troop up the hill, i even went and had a view of the east from Picnic point this time, thanks all!
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Distance traveled to troop: 97261kms

Great work troopers.
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Awesome turnout, I don’t ever remember being outnumbered by pesky Jedi scum. A big thank you to everyone who made the trip to help out!
Awesome POC job Bolt, we had a great looking stand, and with what we discussed in terms of getting more props to the show next year (and for Star Wars day next year), we will be a Force to be reckoned with!
TooCon this year was such a massive step up from the library it was amazing. They really went all out and from the number of attendees and general feedback, hopefully it will just continue to grow.
(Conducting the band was really, really fun!)

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Great work people! Smile
Here is a pic of Brianna and myself with Gandalf. Was a great day thanks.

[Image: 5kjd3Ys.jpg]
good work guys!
Peace FNG Peace
Great work troopers! Looked like a lot fun
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