Toowoomba Library Star Wars day 2019
Troop Report 
Transmission start: AR-33827 Captain Ordo, Bolt Reporting!
Toowoomba Library Star Wars day 2019
Date: 12/01/19
Mission: To bring a 501st presence to the library and promote what we do
Mission Status: Success!!

501st attendance: AR:33827 Bolt, TK:90579 Scotty33, TI:20552 Mykill, IG:11005 Blue, DS:81915 Bikuchan, ID:22008 Sharpshooter2231

RL attendance: Ashlyn_dubreas

Support Crew: Snips and Beccyd
08:15 – Arrived and carried all our gear in

08:30 – Began set up. Myself, Snips and Scotty got to work setting up our table and my Battle Droid Roger.

09:10 – With setup almost complete we convinced Roger to actually stand straight (Thanks to some of Scotty’s spare foam haha)

09:30 – With all of the crew in the change rooms I left Snips and Beccyd to man the table as the doors opened!

10:00 – All troopers were at their stations and we did what we do best!

10:30 – We went outside for a photo shoot. In Toowoomba there is a group who teaches people photography skills and today was an excursion for them. We were most happy for them to practice on us for a while!

11:00 – Back inside I was interviewed for the Toowoomba Chronicle and we posed for the media crews

11:30 – I went for my annual photo with Lightscape studios (Blue got his photo taken too)

11:50 – Snips and I began packup as I had to get to the Gold Coast by 3pm. Scotty then took charge to finish the troop

12:15 – With crowds thinning the 501st legion finished for the day
Malfunctions/injuries: Ashlyn forgot her lightsaber, my elbow strap kept coming undone and Scotty forgot to do up his crotch strap again!

Public incidents: None! We were a huge hit with the public and media alike
A big thanks to all who were involved, the Toowoomba library is becoming a big event for us and I can only see it becoming even bigger in the years to come!

-          Bolt

[Image: 39830946243_ede74cbfd7_z.jpg]

[Image: 39830946613_ee7d796c12_z.jpg]

[Image: 46743724052_d47a40cd5f_z.jpg]

[Image: 46743726222_09328be1c6_z.jpg]

[Image: 46743726772_d7467968c1_z.jpg]

[Image: 46743728522_7b9fb77353_z.jpg]

[Image: 46796276871_4263de71d4_z.jpg]

[Image: 46071388144_8b3ddae401_z.jpg]
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Great report Bolt, and another awesome troop for the closest thing to Star Wars Celebration this side of Gatton!

(Just a point...I didn’t forget my crotch strap, it’s just developed a habit of coming undone)

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Great job.
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Lol yep...I forgot my lightsaber *sigh* It was bound to happen at some point but thats okay. It made for some amazing photos though
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