Beaudesert Agricultural Show 2018
Troop Report 
Beaudesert Agricultural Show 2018

Date: Saturday the 8th of September, 2018 

Venue: Beaudesert Showgrounds

Time: Saturday 9am to 3pm

Mission: To increase the levels of Awesome for all the Children (young and old) at the Beaudesert show

Trooper Attendance: 
20552 - MyKill (TI)
12311 - Teiwaz (TB)
70808 - Dark Dora (TI)
11005 - Blue (TI:RP)
18772 - TK Hesh (TK)
4159 - Beanie (FOTK)

Ashlyn_Dubreas - Generic Jedi

Support Crew:
Kelz - Cadet Wrangler
Kuda Kannon - Cadet Wrangler

[Image: Lw3ir39.jpg]
The Redbacks were out in force at the Beaudesert show, and not even rain could dampen our spirits, Once everyone arrived, we armoured up and made our presence felt with the help of experienced wrangler Kelz, and rookie wrangler Kuda Kannon.  Our valiant Stormtroopers defended our base of operations (and kept an eye on the Jedi threat), while our scout patrolled the area with close air support from TT1 and TT2 - the size difference between our 2 tie pilots was popular with the locals - with Dora being called the likes of "Baby Vader" and "Tiny Tie", and asked if her fighter has a booster seat.  MyKill was constantly asked how he fits in the cockpit (answer: either, "I valet park lord vaders fighter, or "I put the seat all the way back, thats why she's my copilot, she's the only one that fits")  the height difference was also explained by saying that MyKill eats all his vegetables, then he ate Dora's as well Lol

Much shenannigans were had around the equipment displays,  here are some highlights, a video exists of a large TIE pilot riding a slippery dip, but I cannot get Imgur to load it (I've temporarliy used my personal imgur for these images as i cannot get them to load to the RBG Imgur)

[Image: r3rdxVD.jpg]

[Image: 7LnRuTj.jpg]

The rain eventually caused the cancellation of the ring entertainment events (demo derby, moto riders etc. But the fireworks went ahead as planned, by all reports a fun day was had by all!

Charity funds raised: $501 Donated to the RBG MS Moonlight team

Injuries / Malfunctions: None

Public Incidents: None 

Mission Status: Success!
"Perhaps I didn't make myself clear, I said supper is ready!"
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BN15 -> SN18
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