UQ Medical Society Ball
Troop Report 
May 4 2019

Royal ICC, RNA Showgrounds


To attend the Ball for the medical students, for photos on arrival.

Trooper Attendance:

Ashlyn_Dubreas     RL-Jedi          18415              
Fives.for.Fighting           AR         87800
Blue                        IN                  11005              
MyKill                    ANH TI         20552              
bigmac                    TK                  7384                
bam                         TK                  20958              
Teiwaz                    TK                  12311              
Dark Dora               TI                   70809              
Kelz                        ID                  17305              
Disco                      TK                  90373              
Donut                     TK                  50180              
Sticky                     Red Guard     35711               
Star Scribe Rebel Legion - Jyn Erso

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:

Unfortunately wranglers were short on the ground, so we had to rely on each other!

arrived between 5-6pm to meet the even organiser, who lead us to our change room (which we did share with the band later).
- started trooping just before 6:30pm. We started at the balloon wall with our Legion flags, but there were too many of us and the enthusiastic crowd. We organically began to split off into groups of 4-5 to keep the mobs more manageable.
- at 8pm, the crowd were called in to eat the dinner that was going cold. We started a slow retreat that eventually got us all into the change room at 8:30pm to call it a night.
- Post-troop dinner and drinks were obtained at the Bavarian Brewhaus over the road.

Charity Funds Raised:
Still waiting confirmation, but up to $850 for Car 501 in the Variety Bash

Injuries / Malfunctions:
ARC Trooper Fives' shoulder fell off at one point, but nothing a little velcro couldn't fix.

Public Incidents:
Thankfully none, despite the number of dropped glasses. Avoid getting between a uni student and an open bar if you value your costume.

Mission Status:
Success. Even moreso given that this was only my first troop, but for some people it was their third or fourth of the day!


More Photos:
Hey I was there for RL as Jyn (I'm in the photos) - is it possible for the report to be amended to reflect this please?
Nice effort by everyone, well done Fives on the POC job .
Looks like it was a great troop. Nice job Fives on being POC.
                                                      "I can't see a thing in this helmet."

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