Australian International Movie Convention Gala Dinner
Troop Report 
TROOP: Disney/LFL Cast

EVENT: Australian International Movie Convention Gala Dinner

LOCATION: Gold Coast Convention Centre Queensland

DATE: 22nd October 2019TIME: 7pm - 10.30pm

TROOP REQUEST: Redback forum -


ID17305 (Officer) - Kelz - Kelly - Redback Garrison
DS21783 (Kylo Ren) - Drone - Jay - Redback Garrison
TK29841 (Phasma) - Gix - Renae - Redback Garrison
TK88118 (Stormtrooper) - HansDC - Hans - Knightfall Garrison
TK85421 (Stormtrooper) - gmrhodes13 - Glen - Desert Scorpion Garrison

REPORT: Thought I'd fill this one out being an outer towner.

Due to not being able to source some troopers locally or around the east a last minute request came in from the XO from Redback Garrison on behalf of LFL/Disney for a First Order Stormtrooper to attend an event to be held on the Gold Coast, Disney would be covering costs so after some thought and the fact they reached out to the West I decided why not, hopefully they will remember this later down the track.

Of course with any LFL/Disney event everything was last minute with flights and accommodation information only being provided at 7.30pm Melbourne time (4.30pm local) the day prior to departure. So some frantic packing, dust off the old air transport case as well as keeping Baxter out of said case, some sleep then an early morning rise so Baxter (10 month old beagle) could get his morning walk in before my 5.45am flight to the Gold Coast. Luckily I asked if there was any extra leg room seats available and managed to get a window seat and to my surprise nobody was sitting in the middle seat, glorious amount of room.

After a stop over at Sydney for 2 hours and another hour flight landed at the Gold Coast airport and took a taxi to the hotel, once there got in contact with one of the Redback members who suggested a catch up for a drink prior to the event, this was a great idea and met up Renae in the lobby then Kelly just down the road.

After some nice refreshments we returned to the hotel, grabbed our gear, met up with Hans from the Knightfall Garrison and all headed for a short walk to the Gold Coast Convention Centre and met up with Chris the senior manager for Disney events and marketing and also Jay from Redback garrison.

Pre troop briefing and it was then we found out we where there to be entertainment for the Disney sponsored dinner for the 2019 Australian International Movie Convention Gala.  

Hall was decked out in everything Star Wars with the centre piece of the life size Tie Fighter that we've seen in photos from other events on the east. We went through a few different scenarios of what we would be doing then we were given a private screening of the new trailer for The Rise Of Skywalker prior to the event, I must admit I'd watched it about 10 times in-between flights but on the big screen with speakers blaring and vibrating through the armor it was 

Dressed and time to start and everything went like clockwork, we had been requested to move patrons along so not to cause a bottle neck at the door, some found this quite amusing, but especially Chris when he was speaking with some big wigs and I requested they move as they where blocking the entrance.
Crowds died down in the entrance way so there where lots of photos with troopers, 8.15 we made our way through the crowd to the Tie Fighter, Kylo then escorted the MC to stage while Phasma and her Stormtroopers guarded the front of the stage (a test prior trying to walk up the stairs in practice did not look pleasant), 8.20 the MC thanked the First Order and the crowd applauded and we moved back to the Tie Fighter and then The Rise Of Skywalker trailer was played, a massive applause from the crowd at the end. 8.25pm we retired to the green room while awards ceremonies started.

Back in the room we enquired about some water or cool drink and some bottles where provided, then a waitress arrived with a trolley full of mains meals which quickly were consumed.

9pm with awards wrapped up and patrons enjoying their deserts we headed back to the Tie Fighter once more for photos with those who missed out earlier, we found as the night drew on and the alcohol flowed that patrons where getting a little more touchy feely and that was just the guys.

10pm and still a crowd waiting for photos Chris asked if we wanted to leave, we never leave our post so we continued until 10.30pm when the band and dancing started, it was time to go when the singer said "lets get the Star Wars guys up here" ahhhh no, so we retreated.

Time to head back to the hotel for a well earned rest, but before also bid goodbye to those heading back home, great to troop with you all.

Wednesday saw a more leisurely start to the day, a 10 minute walk to the local McDonalds for some breakfast then down to the beach to enjoy, still strange seeing the sun coming up and not going down over the beach, a sore but glorious morning.

10am caught up with Hans and made our way back to the airport for the return plane home at 12.10pm, although both of us where going to Melbourne we discovered (while standing in line) we were travelling on different airlines. After booking in and paying for extra baggage weight once again we grabbed some refreshments and sat around and chatted for a while, I was very lucky to obtain a Knightfall OT/FO coin which was made in limited quantities from Hans, thanks again brother I have a DSG put to one side for you.

Time to board the plane and I bid Hans goodbye and it was then on to Melbourne. Unfortunately a plane delay made my stop over a little longer and didn't return back to Perth until the evening, no matter though the stewardesses finding out it was my birthday kept the drinks flowing through the flight, thank girls.

Back in Perth and although a very tiring couple of days you couldn't wish to troop with a better group of guys and gals, there may be drama going on in the legion but all that is forgotten when it's time to troop.

Thank you again Redback Garrison, Knightfall Garrison, LFL, Disney and of course Virgin Airlines.




ARMOR REPAIRS: Unfortunately before starting her journey Renae had an issue with her helmet when it accidently dropped on the ground and received several cracks, luckily she managed to keep her composure and carry on and superglue back in place.

Hans needed an emergency fix moments before the started when a chest strap failed, luckily we had some tape and velcro handy, although 
getting scissors from local staff was an issue, Chris had no luck so Kelly said "let a girl try" and came back with them in hand, nice going Kelz. 

HAPPY PEOPLE: Mostly everyone

UNHAPPY PEOPLE: A couple of people that couldn't have photos straight away.



A few photos.
[Image: MDcBm49.png]
[Image: SRAADfW.png]
[Image: 3d5PbDz.png]
[Image: W78Pyy0.png]
[Image: FINuVfZ.png]
[Image: 8Pc6nMP.jpg]
[Image: GtTuBst.png]
[Image: srRqjD7.png]
[Image: BhGQNW9.png]
[Image: iImWU5u.jpg]
[Image: ayiY6fB.gif]
Great work on the troop report ( saved me doing one!! ?) I thoroughly enjoyed this troop and was happy to meet a couple of out of towners!
Peace FNG Peace
(Thursday 24-Oct-2019, 02:10 PM)Kelz Wrote: Great work on the troop report ( saved me doing one!! ?)
Least I could do for being so welcomed, thanks again for the kiting up assistance too :D
[Image: ayiY6fB.gif]
That TIE could've really used a pilot
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

 DW2016   DW2017 DW2018 DW2019
[Image: Q8GkS6o.jpg]
Thank you for the comprehensive report and yours and Hans attendance on behalf of the Garrison .
Great Troop report Glen, thank you for helping out.
We definitely need more FO Troopers in the Redbacks, the costumes look so good.
"The Death Star plans are not in the main computer"

[Image: yVkEMTq.png]
[Image: Eu2xjUD.png]

I can't express how awesome the troop was was and to meet you all.
Looking Bad, Doing Good.

[Image: ROTY.png][Image: LF.png]

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