Legions first approved Death Trooper
501st LMO ,stormtrooperguy, is the Legions first approved Death Trooper, just in time for Halloween.

Looks pretty cool

[Image: deathtrooper.jpg]
Wow.. so much for Death Troopers Will Never Be Legion... Hey Deltorn, can I buy my MM Back? *lol*
[Image: jImnAK.jpg]

sure its a great costume.................. but deathtroopers were never supposed to be approved. Must be nice to be part of this current legion command staff and just do whatever you feel like
No Hive of Villainy but we then get Death Troopers..

well done that looks awesome, musta been weird to cut that much out of the armor
hmm well good on him & I agree it does look good but well yea... Dislike

[Image: SigII.jpg]
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Looks pretty cool....but just curious as to where it stands in the legion??
"Research, THEN, make it look like the picture!"

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[Image: 131326899095.gif]

.... *sigh*
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(Saturday 1-Oct-2011, 11:12 PM)hopfot Wrote:  ......

[Image: 131326899095.gif]

.... *sigh*

I couldnt have said it any better hoppy... Sigh I think some one got lost along the way. 2cents
Stormtroopers...Unquestioned loyalty
Totally agree with Azza's statement, new council seem to make up and change old rules to suit themselves when needed.

I can't see a stormtrooper get all shot up, die, come back to "life" as a zombie and then tape up their armour. Rolleyes
The owner Stormtrooper guy, submitted the deathtrooper costume to the previous LMO. It was knocked back as it didn't copy the references. Now the owner has copied the references, and there are a few now, it has been reviewed by GML's and approved, by the other LMO ( there are now 2) .
He has followed the procedure of getting a New to Legion costume approved. This goes for anyone wishing to make a new EU costume.
The costume is awesome.. but one thing irks me about it.. the undersuit.. shouldnt it be all torn up with bloody/zombified skin under it? Or at least weathered a little..
[Image: jImnAK.jpg]

What a joke, I'm sure he'll be a hit at hospital troops and kid's birthday parties....not!

This should never have been an approved 501st costume.
Can anyone tell me what allegiance the death trooper has? Is it to the empire, the rebel alliance or something else?
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[Image: jImnAK.jpg]

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