Troop Report - 4KQ Variety Special Children's Christmas Party
Troop Report 
Date: Sunday December 2nd

Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Time: 0930hrs to 1500hrs

Mission: To assist the 4KQ Variety Special Children's Christmas Party organisers, by providing extra awesomeness to over 3000 children including the terminally ill, the intellectually impaired, physically impaired and the underprivileged.

Trooper Attendance:

ID Anakinra
TB ashbash
TK Buzzard
TK Cutter
TK DarkVoyd
TR Deimos
TB Deltorn
TR Doc
BH Draco
TC Glitch
ID J'Girl
SL Kev Vader
ID Lei
TD madine
TK Moxxxie
SL muppet
TD Rubber
TC scope
TB SideshowMel
ID stormraven
The Sniper
TB TheWolf
TC Zerebin

Rebel Legion Attendance: (dual 501st/RL members)

The Sniper.


Sithprincess Sugar Plum Fairy
Snarky Disney Princess

Support Crew: Cobra, Jimcricket, Bigmac, (plus just about every other trooper, when they weren't in costume)


An early start to the day for most as there were troopers arriving for duty from around 0730 hours. Once signed in, we headed up to our change room. No air conditioning in one of the rooms affected the overall TCL (trooper's comfort level) fortunately we were able to get changed without too many difficulties. It was hot, but luckily we had heaps of water which was kindly donated by the event organiser.

Shortly before 1000 hours some of the troopers headed out on to the concourse to greet some of the children waiting to get in.
At around 1020 hours, we met up inside hall 4 with the Queensland Police Pipe Band

[Image: 11.jpg]

It had been arranged that the Queensland Police Pipe band would muster outside of hall 4, and lead the 501st Legion members into hall 2, while playing the Star Wars Theme.

Video evidence here:

Once inside, the QP pipe band couldn't resist getting another photo...they just loved the cardback display.

[Image: SAM_1960.jpg]

After the main doors were opened, we were literally swamped with children and adults, which made things,.... rather cosy

[Image: IMAG0315.jpg]

Muppet , Ashbash, deltorn and TheWolf, were very popular in their festive issue uniforms.

[Image: 2.jpg]

Don't they just look simply joyous Wink

On the left, Rubber was testing a new flight system supplied by the fairies, while Moxxxie and Doc did their best to show that the Empire has a soft side...

[Image: 21.jpg]
[Image: SAM_1967.jpg]

Overall it was a great day and we did we came there to do, make lots of little faces (and some big faces) smile. The multitudes were thrilled to have us there. I have seen more hugs given to troopers today, than in any previous Variety event. It shows the impact we can have on people.

Everyone did a great job, in whatever capacity they were in.

Injuries:Armour bites, Glitch's armour on his sunburn, ouch!

Malfunctions: None reported

Public Incidents: Moxxxie reported that one of the children was a little...erm...over friendly to her.
Oh and Spiderman was arrested, some would say he had it coming.

[Image: SAM_1970.jpg]

Mission Status: Successfully completed...well done to all who were able to attend. Thanks especially to Jason "scope" who brought the card back display in.Doppeldaumen1


I know there were some of you taking photos, so if you haven't done so yet, please put them in the photobucket account.

Great report Cobra.

Was a great Troop. Doppeldaumen1
Bunnies..... The cutest things ever!
+1, an awesome troop.
Stormtroopers: instant recognition combined with complete anonymity
:GCSN12: DW2012 BN12 GCSN13 :DW13:
Great troop report Cobra, it was one of the best entrences we have made ( maybe we should check the police bands availability for DW ). Really enjoy coming to this troop and the effort made by Muppet, Ashbash, Detorn and The wolf to fit into the Christmas spirit was fantastic Doppeldaumen1 as was Rubber's ( now to be called Tinkerbell? ) fairy wing Trooper so many kids and parents wanted to get a photo with him. Another great hit during the day was Cutters dancing Stormtrooper, and the dance between him and Tirillia towards the end looked great. Im not going to incriminate anyone about the Gundam dance though I think seeing how exhausted they were after the dance is punisment enough.

Also special thanks goes to the D2L guys I think for events like this they are a great addition to our garrison, and Rick I know they were wearing masks but Phoenix was Spidey and Azza was the Batman Cheeky .

I am looking forward to next year already.
Duty * Honor * Empire

What do you call a stormtrooper who can hit a target?
TIE Pilot Cheeky
Great report, Awesome troop, loved it.
Cheers, Todd "Voyd" TK6086 - Shiny all the way.
[Image: a6c60a375dc66e13.png]
You were deceived and now your Republic shall fall!
:GCSN12: DW2012
Great report Cobra. Pretty bummed I couldn't make it.
Well done everyone looked like a massive fun day.
"Research, THEN, make it look like the picture!"

Excellent report!!! Same as phantom disappointed we couldnt be there.
Well done everyoneDoppeldaumen1
Great work troopers, and what an entrance...Def. worth checking out if they'd join us at Dreamworld Smile
Nice report Rick, and great organisation of the Police band.

Have to agree on the amount of hugs received and I was glad i was wearing a helmet as Vader doesnt cry Wink

Extremely hot trooping and it was good to see every trooper looking after each other in the trying conditions.
Awesome report! Cant wait for next year :D
[Image: jImnAK.jpg]

You rocked Rick, you did an awesome job as POC for this and helmet off to you for your support to all of us during the day.
Thanks for the free hugs Moxxxie, well needed after the kids we met there.

Your welcome Cobra, anytime mate.

love Jason
DW2012 TO DW2015
BN11 TO BN14

I'm still crying that I couldn't be there! Fantastic report and a job well done by everyone Doppeldaumen1

Darth "I find your lack of pants disturbing."
The most action Phoenix has had in a long time :P

Well done everyone, as always, a fun day out, bringing joy to kids!
[Image: 36487379910_dbb9166743_o.png]

Great report Rick, and a wonderful day.... welled up a couple of times with the beauty of the kids and the amazing work the parents do. Definitely marking this down on the calendar again for next year.
Well done to all of you. From all the pics looks like an awesome day. As I have worked with children and young adults with special needs I know that this day is very important to them and they look forward to it. To put so many smiles on so many faces (and a tear in my eye) is a job well done Doppeldaumen1

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