New As and keen!
G day every one!
My name is Ed, I am from the gold coast and 27
Wow i saw you guys at supanova the effort put into your costumes was amazing and the Professionalism of Chaperones was great. I have been thinkng about it since supanova, this looks like a bit of me! Time to take the plunge and find out what the go is! Truth is i have always wanted a trooper suit but never really looked into it, and there is more resources than i thought and people to ask advise! I am thinking a tk trooper. i have read bits of material saying ap armour is the tough all rounder (good for trooping,wear and fairly close to the movies)? also i am 6'2" wondering if that matters? any way I cant wait to find out the facts! EdDoppeldaumen1
G'days Ed

Welcome to the Redbacks or as I like to say "The Best Damn Garrison".
You seem to be doing the right thing so far. Look around and gather your facts.
As you may know and even if you don't, there is more than what you see in the movies. There is also the EU (Expanded Universe).
TK is a good place to start. You'll find that's where most troopers start, my-self included. Being 6"2' is a good thing, just don't stand next to me Hehehe. Givin your hieght you may want to also look at FX or the new AM armour.

BEFORE you do anything in the way of purchasing a suit, I would highly suggest an AP (Armour Party). It's a good way to meet your fellow troopers and see some armour building in the proccess.

The final peice of advice that I personally give, from my own experiance, is DON'T RUSH.

All that said, hope to see you at an AP. Speaking of which, when is the next one fellow RBG-Troopers?

Scott "tk4881 Hopfot"
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Gday Ed and welcome to the Redbacks.
There is a lot to decide and i recommend not rushing in and buying the first set of armour that may be offered to you. I know it may be hard to wait, and your eagerness to get a set of armour, but doing your home work will pay divendends in the end.
One of the best things that you can is come along to a troop and get some first hand expirence and a feel for trooping. You can then see first hand the different types of armour available. Even better if there is an armour party ( AP where we get together socially and help each other out with building costumes). You can speak to people with different types of armour and see each's advantages and disadvantages.
I will send you a pm with some different armour makers and links.
GML Redback Garrison
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Welcome Ed!

The fun is just beginning...Smile
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Another Gold Coaster!! Yippee!!!! Have you decided what type of trooper you are going to be? The Rookie (or Sandy Andy as we like to call him haha sorry mate) is 6.2ft. We have 3 TD's (Sandtroopers) down here on the coast (4 if you include Dredd in Jimboombah). Hey we are living on the beach after all. If you want to pop around anytime to have a close up look at what it takes to be a real trooper that likes to get dirty not like those shiney TK's just PM me and we can sort out a time. I'm in Labrador. Anyways welcome!!!
Hi Ed
Welcome to the Redbacks.
I am 6 2" and just got myself a set of AM armour. Its made for the larger trooper.
I will be keeping mine shiney.
Welcome to the boards mate! Good to see you made it Smile
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Welcome to the Redback Garrison Tyrael. The fun and being crazy starts here. As everyone else has said, do you research, take your time and get along to an AP or a Redback troop to see what we're all about. Enjoy!Tusken

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Welcome to the Redbacks. TK is a good starting point but I dare you to stop at one costume......
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Hi and welcome Ed!

^ What Kit said... bwahaha!
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hi there welcome too RBG forum glad you enjoyed SN we sure did.
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As a fellow 6+ footer, you'll find there are plenty of options and the ability to customise your costumes to your own "quirks" is half the fun.

Hope to see you around soon!
Hi there.

Welcome to the 501st.
Wow what a welcome thank you! thanks for your insight i will take my time in thinking about what armour choices there are! how do you find out when and where the armour parties are held!

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