Thu 11-Dec-2014 - Wonder Factory Xmas party - Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital
Troop Report 
Troop Date:
Thursday 11th December 2014

Troop Address:
Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Raymond Terrace, South Brisbane 4101


Mission: To have a bit of fun and put some smiles on a whole lot of sick kids at the hospital.

Trooper Attendance:
RBG: TKID and username/costume

Sly - TK 11469
Rubber - TD 4943
Apok - TX (Santa trooper) 3409

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance: Nil

Details: As we awaited the jump ships to drop off troopers an urgent message comes through that Doc has been waylaid by Darth Real Life. That pesky fellow has a habit of messing with our troopers. The Emperor will hear about this!! Stormraven too must have been shot down by some pesky rebel pilots. This just left...

The Three Amigos!!!!!! Huh heh hah! Uhh!

Apok arrived first and parked in the wrong area. He must learn to read threads more betterer. Arriving well early, he decided to do the right thing and wait out the front for the rest of the team. Apok waited and waited. He went and played with some lambs and goats, patted a calf and waited. Fearing he had been left alone he headed to the change area.

Only to find Sly and Rubber had parked in the right area and came in through another entrance. Silly Apok. As they were half armoured up Apok rushed to catch up. Before you knew it all three were ready to hit the wards.

Level 5 went really well. Lots of hello's and bemused smiles, mainly from the staff. Then back to the foyer to get into some news footage as Santa and his Elves abseiled down from the roof of the hospital into the foyer area. One youngster said "Why is Santa so skinny?" Apom replied "He has been on the biggest loser and training hard." The youngster seem happy with that reply. Crisis averted.

Then down to Emergency. Unfortunately there were heaps of kids down there not feeling very chipper, but when we rolled in smiles sprouted from everyone's face. The three Amigo's were also a hit with the nurses and doctors. Many stopping (hopefully non essential work) what they were doing to get a photo.

With Emergency done, it was up to Level 10 for a play request for a bored teenager. After chatting for a wile it was time for Sly to head off at 4.30pm. Down to the change area for a drink and see Sly off and then it was up to Level 9 for a last hello to some more kids. Upon exiting the lifts we ran into Jess. A youngling running the whole level apparently. She had all the nurses and doctors on a tight leash and sorting them out. Good on her. All of a sudden though, Raphael from TMNT popped up there as well. The fight was on to see who was more awesome. We won!!!!! Turtle soup was made of him.

Then it was time to pack up, head to the jump ships and brave the traffic to our respective planets in the Quadrant. A fun time was had by all.

Charity Funds Raised: Nil. Hearts and minds mission.

Injuries / Malfunctions: Apok's crotch strap came loose. Embarassing!!

Public Incidents: Only made 2 kids scream with fright. Thought was a great effort for the amount of kids we saw.

Mission Status: Complete success.



The Three Amigos!!!!!
Great work guys well done
TK 19749
Awesome stuff guys! Well done.
"Research, THEN, make it look like the picture!"

Hi all, Kelli from the Childrens Hospital Foundation sent me this email:

On behalf of the Children’s Hospital Foundation I wanted to say a huge thank you for coming to the Kids Christmas Party and Carols by Glow Stick. Our attendance numbers were lower than what we are used to, but that is always a good thing as it means there are less children in hospital. Despite this and the rain, the patients and families that came to the event had a fantastic time. It was so much fun watching the kids enjoy themselves and see the smiles on their little faces.

You truly made the event very special by giving patients and families a chance to enjoy some Christmas fun that they otherwise would not have been able to attend.

We’re extremely grateful to you for giving up your time and resources to support the Foundation. Without your generosity we would not have been able to run such a great event. We’ve had so much positive feedback from patients, families and staff who all had a fantastic evening. As always you are a joy to work with. Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved in the event.

Thank you for helping us work wonders for sick kids and for making Christmas a special time for our families.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and very happy New Year! See you in 2015.
It was a great troop. Always worth doing.

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