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Please welcome ID-17305 Kelz

Please welcome the newest member of the Garrison, ID-17305
Great stuff Kelly

[Image: L5GQZCd.jpg]

Command Staff changes 2018 part 2

A couple of changes folks.

Muppet is standing down from being a GML for us.  He stepped in to help Phantom out whilst he is in a country with only a coconut internet and Muppet has done a fantastic job getting through the entire backlog.  His experience and dedication to the job is greatly appreciated.  He will be staying on as a CRC member to help with approvals still.

Mammasith will be stepping up from the CRC to become our new GML.  Mammasith already has a keen eye and a passion for our garrisons costumes.  Helping many of you out there already get not only your armour together, but getting you to take your approval pics.  We will be in great hands yet again.  We are a lucky garrison to have had a very talented GML roster over the years.

Cylops and Slide Effect will be joining the CRC.  Cyclops for his armour knowledge and Slide for his JRS knowledge.

As yes folks that does mean mammasith is the boss of Cyclops Cheeky .


Please welcome AR-33827

Please congratulate Bolt on the recent approval of his ARC Trooper
Nice work!

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