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Please welcome back ID-4423 Ranger Tex – Terry

Very happy to see Terry- TK Tex back into our ranks after a sabbatical in the outer rim
Welcome back mate

Happy 18th Birthday and welcome to the Legion DZ-19400 Dozza

You couldn't ask for a better 18th birthday present, than your approval into the Legion. 
Doreen joins Seantrooper ( both happen to reside in Townsville ) as the only Redbacks to have been approved and issued their Legion ID on the 18th!
Well done Dozza!! 
The next rounds on you!!
[Image: Cdz0M8m.jpg]

Please welcome our newest guard of the Emperor TR-73226 Buddy Love

Please congratulate Rick on his promotion to Royal Guard .
Nice work 

[Image: F6Fzvbi.jpg][Image: ybCf0oK.jpg]