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Please welcome our Newest BH22810 Snips

Congratulations to our newest Bounty Hunter Snips 

Outstanding job on your Bo Katan Courtney

.[Image: ujwOzHJ.jpg]     [Image: IE6Ll8v.jpg]

Great job to you too Bolt! Wink

Please welcome our newest Scavenger Ally DZ 20122

Congratulations to our newest Redback Ally 
Everyone hide your droids!!
Welcome to the legion

[Image: NGgNXwz.jpg]
[Image: RBExsFP.jpg]

Please welcome to the Garrison TK15148

More cannon fodder, please welcome to the Legion TY 
Congratulations Tyrone , welcome to the Redbacks

[Image: oIXlEci.jpg]
[Image: 458i2rY.jpg]