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Congratulations Venom Squad.

It is my great pleasure to announce that our North Queensland squad, Venom Squad, has just passed it's probation and is now a fully fledged squad of the Redback Garrison and the 501st Legion.

Venom Squad has shown the most positive and exemplary attitude during their probation period. To a member they have all shown that they have been ready to take the next step. 

Fantastic work Venom Squad!

Congratulations to Alpha1- TS-43989

Congratulations to Alpha1 on his Snowtrooper,  just in time for summer!

[Image: 5ne1zWi.jpg]
                           [Image: Umn2FJD.jpg]

Redbacks newest Imperial Gunner IG -11005

Congratulations to Blue on his latest costume, well done trooper.

[Image: fycmukM.jpg]
                                                 [Image: BpIzFWd.jpg]