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Congratulations Studio49- TB49000

Another tree hugger to join the ranks!!!
Congratulations to Jonah on his Biker Scout approval.

[Image: Zlg6p9L.jpg]     [Image: keeXye2.gif]

great bachelor profile pick  Doppeldaumen1

Congratulations to TI17305- Kelz on 3 approvals!

Congratulations to Kelz on her costume Trifecta 
Tie Pilot, Reserve Pilot and Imperial Crewman

Kelz is the second in the garrison to join the ranks of the Black Widows , well done! 

[Image: d99tM7w.jpg]    [Image: 98UhDj9.gif]

[Image: 0KmLSoq.jpg]     [Image: DlMaHrW.gif]

[Image: qmxLCCj.jpg]      [Image: hroqRtu.gif]

Congratulations Redpaint TR6263

Please congratulate Redpaint on his Senate Guard TFU Blue

This is a first for the Redbacks, a first for Australia and the second in the legion!! Doppeldaumen1

Well done Joe, awesome job, can't wait to see you and Kath troop together

[Image: tCxC3x4.jpg]
[Image: I6XnRs3.jpg]