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2018 Redack Garrison Award Winners

Please congratulate our 2018 Redback Garrison award winners.  All winners are well deserving members of this fine garrison.  In each of their own ways they have helped shape and build the garrison this year in positive, helpful and selfless ways.

Trooper of the Year
Michael "MyKill" Wright

Troopers Trooper
JD "Flashheart" Garrahy

Rookie of the Year
Sian "Darth Cooper" Cooper

Longfin "Sharky" Squad Member of the Year
Sian "Darth Cooper" Cooper

Razorback "Piggy" Squad Member of the Year
Matthew "Duras" Laye

Venom "Occy" Squad Member of the Year
Kerrin "pecklez" Peck

Congratulations troopers.  Thanks for being so awesome!

Congratulations Venom Squad.

It is my great pleasure to announce that our North Queensland squad, Venom Squad, has just passed it's probation and is now a fully fledged squad of the Redback Garrison and the 501st Legion.

Venom Squad has shown the most positive and exemplary attitude during their probation period. To a member they have all shown that they have been ready to take the next step. 

Fantastic work Venom Squad!

Congratulations to Alpha1- TS-43989

Congratulations to Alpha1 on his Snowtrooper,  just in time for summer!

[Image: 5ne1zWi.jpg]
                           [Image: Umn2FJD.jpg]