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Please welcome DS8545 Oigen

Please welcome DS8545 Kylo Ren, Oigen

Looks great Ash, nice work.

Anger management is first door on the left.

[Image: ds8545_full.jpg] [Image: ds8545_head.jpg]

Please welcome TI24242 Wendell

Please welcome our newest Tie Pilot TI24242 Wendell.

Well done mate, looks great.

Now here are the keys to your new shiny Tie Fighter.....now go take out some rebel scum.

[Image: ti24242_full.jpg] [Image: ti24242_head.jpg]

Please welcome SL74050 VickyVic

Please welcome SL74050 Mara Jade, VickyVic.

Great job Chelsea, looks good.

Are you ready to do the Emperor's bidding, killing Rebels and corrupt imperials as Palpatine's assassin.

[Image: sl74050_full.jpg] [Image: sl74050_head.jpg]