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Garrisons Web Hosting

In regards to our new server migration facilitated by Altair I’d like to give additional thanks previously touched on by John , Adam “Slide Effect” Cutting has graciously provided the Redback’s , free of charge for five years , a new home on his server . Forum supporter donations will no longer be sought or required and that money would most certainly be appreciated when PLI comes due in May , it would be good to see the Redback’s well represented in this voluntary contribution that protects us from liability , so please thank Slide for his generosity.

Redback GCO

New Garrisons Webmaster

On the back of our previous Webmasters well deserved retirement I’d like to introduce Matthew “Duras” Laye as the new Garrison Webmaster , Duras has been an active member of the Redback’s since 2012 and has over 20 years of experience in IT , he is a talented prop builder and his only short coming is his closet life as a Trekkie , please welcome Duras to Garrison command .

Cyclops , Redback Garrison GCO

Thank You

Hi All,

Just wanted to say a MASSIVE shout out and Thank You to Altair for shifting our website and forums to a new server.
We all really appreciate the time and effort it has taken to complete this task and we will endeavour not to break anything Smile

Also a HUGE Thanks to Moxxxie, for many of you that dont know Moxxxie has hosted the Redback forums for the last 10 years and not only done an awesome job in looking after them and maintianing them but also has been instrumental in various IT based projects at a Legion level.
Unfortunately at times Moxxxie has also had to shoulder the associated costs of running our Website and our Forums and for this we are very grateful!

Thanks GUYS!!!!