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Please welcome our newest Redback, RoboTom TB40363

Please welcome our newest Redback and tree dodger, Biker Scout RoboTom TB40363

Nice work Tome, looks great!

Get ready to head to Endor, your speeder will be fueled and waiting for you.

[Image: 0SNVRme.jpg] [Image: 2RkLpM1.jpg]

Congratulations to the Legion Trooper of the Month of May 2017 Cueloopz!!

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Cueloopz has been awarded the Legion Trooper of the Month award for May 2017.

Spearheading the GECB committee and being the driving force behind getting this great event up and running for the Garrison, Matt was nominated by several troopers at once for Legion Trooper of the Month.  Running a large event is never an easy task and starting one from scratch is a crazy and stressful job all rolled into one.  Not for the faint hearted or clinically sane.  Matt and his team have set the benchmark for the Legion with this ball and opened the Legions eyes to the possibilities of raising money on a large scale with an event like this.  With almost $32,000 raised in a single night, it has set the bar very high for any other Garrisons thinking of taking this kind of event on.

Congrats Matt, you have done the Redbacks proud!!


See below for the nominations:

Quote:To whom it may concern, I would like to nominate Matt Spoljarevic ( TA 77104 ) for TotM , Matt was the driving force behind a group of Redback garrison members that hosted and ran the first 501st charity ball in Australia for the children's charity " Act for Kids " a charity that works with abused and neglected children , as a culmination of twelve months lead up work we raised
$31,614.76 in one night .

Kind regards Cyclops ( Bruce Rennell, RC51173)

Quote:Nomination of Matt Spoljarevic TA 77104 Cueloopz Redback Garrison.
Reason for nomination. Organising and helming the biggest fund raising event our garrison (Redback Garrison) has done. Total direct funds raised for Act for Kids $31,614.76 in 5 hours,
Matt and a small team of garrison members work tirelessly for a year to pull off the Galactic Empire Charity Ball hosted by the Redback Garrison. What a magnificent event it was.

Kind regards

Andrew Franke TK 11469 SLy11 Redback Garrison

Quote:Matt has been at the helm of the biggest event in the Garrisons history. The Charity Ball held last weekend, was host to over 300 of the public, and raised $32,000 for ACT for kids. It was a huge undertaking, and the night was fantastic.

Michael Payne BH7829

Redbacks are now the largest Garrison in Australia!!!

With the Knightfall Squad becoming a garrison last week and the Desert Scorpions in the voting process to become a Garrison this week, it is exciting times for Australia with unprecedented growth in our country.  With this the original TAG is now comprised of Tasmania (Thylacine and Copperhead squads) and the currently unoccupied Northern Territory.

With this growth and splitting up of TAG this has left the Redback Garrison now the largest Garrison in Australia!! Congratulations Redbacks!!  Keep up the great work and keep growing.

Australian Garrison figures (from the Legion boards)

Redback Garrison - 164
Southern Cross Garrison - 118
Knightfall Garrison - 86
Desert Scorpion Garrison - 58
Southern Dewback Garrison - 45
Terror Australis Garrison - 37