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Please welcome DZ 30419- Doyle

Congratulations to our newest member Doyle!!
At 71 years young you are never too old to play dress ups  Jig
Well done Margaret, welcome to the mighty Redbacks.

[Image: UuyaqN0.jpg]       [Image: Qjwg0H0.jpg]
[Image: QI6Q6io.gif]

Please Welcome the Garrisons first Transport Security Officers- ID25079 & ID11573

It's double trouble!!
Congratulations Squid -ID25079 and MammaSith- ID11573 
Hope everyone has some coaxium in their pocket, you may need to bribe these two at the check point.

[Image: 8j1FeBc.jpg]
[Image: 21MiaBc.jpg]

[Image: XUpTdtT.jpg]

Congratulations to TR 6263 – Kattak

Please congratulate Kattak on her latest costume, Royal guard  TFU Red. 
Kathy is the first in the garrison, great work!!!

[Image: aWXlvMd.jpg]
[Image: cCuTlb6.jpg]              [Image: sHUJ1xf.gif]