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Please welcome TI-70809×2, IC-70809, TI-12311 & IC-12311

Please welcome 5 new costumes for the Kenna's
Great stuff !

[Image: g9K0zL8.jpg][Image: Wl7A6X1.jpg][Image: clGKTsp.jpg][Image: N8wQNam.jpg]

[Image: Q5XEqL2.jpg][Image: Pp5pCby.jpg]

Please welcome DS-81915

We have a new contender for Dancing With The Stars- Kylo Ren aka Bikuchan.
Nice work
[Image: 45GOMb8.jpg][Image: NnSCW3Q.jpg]

Please welcome DZ-68466- Papa

This was a surprise for Dozza, to see her dad Papa at DW in an approved costume! 

Nice work Papa !
[Image: YAFjoJw.jpg][Image: ltYKovA.jpg]