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Regents Park State School Troop 28.08.10

August 29, 2010oz_scout Comments Off on Regents Park State School Troop 28.08.10

Imperial Shuttle “Enterprise” (Don’t ask!), left Edwards base camp, stopping by Base Predator to rescue afore mentioned trooper from baby trooper and whisking him away from nappies and bottles, to Backpacks and Blasters! The assembly area was secured, with suitable change facilities for both male and female troopers, but no great shade areas were available […]

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Springwood Blood Bank Troop Report

July 4, 2010Moxxxie Comments Off on Springwood Blood Bank Troop Report

Armed with the blood pumping through our veins we first took some photos for the local paper and Red Cross Media outlets. Once we had the photos and visiting the good Imperial citizens that were donating to save our fellow troopers. One lady was going to donate to Jedi scum but she was terminated. Her […]

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Troop Report: ADIDAS Originals

March 14, 2010Moxxxie Comments Off on Troop Report: ADIDAS Originals

Date: 13/07/2010 Venue: Addidas Store, Cavil Avenue, Surfers Paradise Time: 11am-2pm Mission: To spread the word of the emperor to the masses of Surfers Paradise. And try to sell some shoes. Trooper Attendance: TK9287 – Brissy_Trooper (Luke), TS4159 – Beanie, TK4598 – Tachyon, TI2478 – Rents, Muppet – X-wing Pilot, The Sniper – X-wing Pilot Support Crew: TK 8226 – Mouldman […]

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