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Kilcoy Show 08 May 2021 - Teiwaz - Saturday 15-May-2021

Date: Saturday 8th May 2021

Venue: Kilcoy Showgrounds 26 Showgrounds Road, Woolmar

Time: 10:00am-3:00pm

Mission: To add Redback awesomeness once again to the Kilcoy Show.

Trooper Attendance:

Redback Garrison:
BobaCanuck BH
Buzzard IC
Dark Dora DZ
Duras TK
Kelz ID
MyKill TI
Teiwaz TB

Tatooine Base:
Buzzard Hoth Trooper
Dark Dora Jawa
MyKill Jedi

Geonosis School:
Charlotte CTI4322
Skye CID4628
Tyson CID4714


Details: This was our third troop at Kilcoy Show, but there were a couple of differences this year. For most of us it was our first troop in public for over a year, and our first troop with covid protocols. The show committee also requested Blue Cards, which was fine but a change to last time. The facilities and layout were the same, and we had a good change room to work with.

For the covid protocols we exchanged high fives and handshakes for waves and salutes. We didn't hand over props for photos, and we basically avoided touching anyone. We also didn't carry buckets this year, to err on the side of caution around handling money. Initially we had the intention to social distance, but we were outdoors and its simply impractical when your main purpose is to be in photos. And stopping that 2 year old from hugging the Jawa just wasn't worth the tears.

Again this year the crowd was small but friendly. Many of the rides and activities were sponsored by local businesses, and were either subsidised or free. Its a great family day out, well worth the drive.

A special thanks to the our GA troopers, they were a big help getting photos with little kids and they worked hard all day. Also thanks to Buzzard's friend May, she tagged along to watch how we work, and she took some of the photos in the album.

Thanks everyone for making the trip, and for your enthusiasm during the day.

Charity Funds Raised: $501 for the local Rural Fire Brigade (Stanley Rivers Group). 

Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil.

Public Incidents: Nil.

Mission Status: Complete Success

Photos: Imgur album here.

[Image: 6dnWHbs.jpg]

RE: Kilcoy Show 08 May 2021 - Cyclops - Saturday 15-May-2021

Congratulations all those who made this a success, good to see the Hoth trooper make an appearance and a good representation of GA’s , nice donation achieved as well , well done .

RE: Kilcoy Show 08 May 2021 - MammaSith - Saturday 15-May-2021

The photo of Buzzard with the Tauntaun is awesome!

Great job guys

RE: Kilcoy Show 08 May 2021 - redpaint - Thursday 20-May-2021

Nice work guys, looks like you all had a good day. Did anyone have any kitting up issues after such a long break?

RE: Kilcoy Show 08 May 2021 - Kelz - Friday 21-May-2021

(Thursday 20-May-2021, 08:08 PM)redpaint Wrote:  Nice work guys, looks like you all had a good day. Did anyone have any kitting up issues after such a long break?


Teiwaz had a new scout kit - and it was like he had never trooped a day in his life as a scout!!!! 

Duras kitted up - joined us in a group photo - then his belt succumbed to what he has labeled a “fatsplosion”!!!!