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Toowoomba East School Fete 2021 - Bolt_2112 - Sunday 12-Sep-2021

Date: September 11th 2021

Venue: Toowoomba East School Fete

Time: 9am kit up for a 10am start – 2:30 Pm finish

To bring an imperial presence to the Tbar East fete and put smiles on faces.

Trooper Attendance:
RBG: AR:33827 Bolt, BH:22810 Snips, ID:17305 Kelz, DZ:70809 Dark Dora, TB:12311 Teiwaz, BH:57730 BobaCanuck


08:45 AM - Bolt and Snips arrived first and located the change room, we were provided with the school’s clothing pool which (besides being a little busy with staff) was great. Teiwaz, Dark Dora and Kelz arrived soon after along with Bobacanuck.

9:15 AM - We all linked up and scouted out the fete. We had a few areas to patrol and interact with the public, which was good. 

10:00 AM - We all suited up and were out when the fete started at 10am. Snips wrangled for us and Kelz also assisted in her officer. The day was quite hot, with the un-helmeted troops suffering the most. We met up with the police (who were great fun) and fire brigade. The event organiser gave us a huge bucket of toy cars to give out, Snips (and later Dora) handed out as many as possible!

11:30 AM – After a quick break to rehydrate we went out and trooped a bit more. We headed over to the Botanical Gardens and had a look at the Carnival of Flowers displays. I’m sure we confused quite a few members of the public who were enjoying picnics on the grass!

12:50 PM – We took another break after being out in the hot sun, water and gluten free donuts were on the menu

1:30 PM – Heading out for one final period we took plenty of photo’s and as the sugar highs hit the kids, we called it a day

2:00 PM – De-kit and clean up

Injuries / Malfunctions: No injuries to report

Public Incidents: I tried to stop a kid from pulling parts on Boba’s jetpack, however he stole a pistol from my holster and ran away. Snips was quick to chase him down and retrieve the pistol. Dark Dora was also hit by a kid as we were making our way to leave the school for the Carnival of Flowers. Some adults were also a bit too enthusiastic and put their arms over myself and Boba’s shoulders, thankfully no damage but it was a worry.

Mission Status: Success! The event organiser was very happy with our efforts.

[Image: 51444055947_82edc10f78_z.jpg]

[Image: 51445560784_8db8a729d3_z.jpg]

[Image: 51444819411_8f2c94ddd7_z.jpg]

[Image: 51444817691_6d32124088_z.jpg]

RE: Toowoomba East School Fete 2021 - Cyclops - Monday 13-Sep-2021

Well done to all that travelled up the range to make this event a success .

RE: Toowoomba East School Fete 2021 - satel - Monday 13-Sep-2021

Great work everyone!

RE: Toowoomba East School Fete 2021 - Chief - Monday 13-Sep-2021

Great work everyone

RE: Toowoomba East School Fete 2021 - Teiwaz - Monday 13-Sep-2021

Great day out, thanks everyone.

RE: Toowoomba East School Fete 2021 - Slide Effect - Tuesday 14-Sep-2021

Great Job Team!!!