2019 Special Children's Christmas Party - Brisbane
Troop Report 
Date: 30th November, 2019
Special Children’s Christmas Party
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Merivale St & Glenelg Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101

10:30am - 2:30pm

The aim of the Special Children's Christmas Party is to provide in excess of 3,000 children with a day they will never forget.

Trooper Attendance:
41138 Cre8tiv: TK
70809 Dark Dora: Christmas Jawa
19770 Spooky: Jawa
12311 Teiwaz: Scout
25079 Squid: Mara
17305 Kelz: Isard
49000 Studio49: Vader
81915 Bikuchan: Kylo
20552 MyKill: TI
77104 Cueloopz: TA (with Rally Car)
10106 Slide Effect: 181st Pilot
26101 Monion: Jawa
4875  Phoenix: TKC

Ashlyn_Dubreas: Rey

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:

This year was the 25th Anniversary of this great annual event. 

Sticky and a few troopers arrived early to bump in the backdrop, and were soon followed by the other attending troopers.
Once inside, we gathered in the change room and troopers kitted up ready to work their magic.
The doors opened to a crowd of approx. 3000 excited kids and family members, so our troopers were kept busy for the duration of the event – putting smiles on the faces of the young and young at heart. 

All Troopers and wranglers did an amazing job keeping the smiles coming to the patrons faces from start to finish.
We had two areas - our main area with the backdrop and the 501 Rally car manned by Cueloopz, Tygress and Cyclops, with some troopers spending time there throughout the event.

At 2:30pm the party was over - the remaining patrons left, we dismantled our backdrops and flags, tidied the change room and departed knowing we had brightened the day for so many. 

Thank you Sticky, for transporting the backdrop to and from the venue!

Charity Funds Raised:

Injuries / Malfunctions:
None reported

Public Incidents:

Mission Status:
Judging by the smiles and the fun had, the mission was a  Success!
                                                      "I can't see a thing in this helmet."
It was a good event , always an emotional rollercoaster interacting with the various types of kids that make up the event , thanks for the report Sam .

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