Rise of Skywalker: Events Cinemas Mackay
Troop Report 
Date: 13/10/2019

Venue: Event Cinemas - Mackay

Time: 21.00

Mission: To bring an extra element of excitement and realism to the last of these amazing movies that have made such an impact on all of our lives

Trooper Attendance:
25087 peckles     Jango Fett
13505 Xmez        Tusken Raider
30419 Doyle        Jawa
29841 Gix            Phasma
4914  Jaggered    TK Storm Trooper
17168 Nighthawk TD StormTrooper
23473 Deathray Shadow Guard
46824 TripleSix   FO Tie Pilot

GA in attendance
Jordy Fett    Biker Scout
3090 Zoe      Jedi
4918 Lizzy    Rey
4919 Baden  Vader

Arriving early to prepare for the night frivolities a random bunch of troopers from all over the galaxy banded together in a small room to kit up. Once everyone was ready to go we all headed outside to be greeted by the freshest breeze Mackay has ever had.

Slowly at the beginning, loyal First Order supporters started trickling in to the cinema. Suddenly as if word had gotten out of the occupation, droves of loyal citizens and the odd rebel sympathizer began congregating in the lobby. Many lightsaber duels, blaster battles and the odd force choke was exchanged before being asked to move along to their assigned viewing receptacles. No spoilers but Vader is Lukes father

Charity Funds Raised: NA

Injuries / Malfunctions: None

Public Incidents: None

Mission Status: Success


[Image: kBP2rtX.jpg][Image: NtqtGlP.jpg][Image: xW6vwhp.jpg][Image: wzEBy1b.jpg][Image: 0Op15y1.jpg][Image: KL0k9RV.jpg]
[Image: XazfhcT.jpg][Image: uvTiHlq.jpg]
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

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