Relay for Life Redcliffe
Troop Report 
Date: 5th August 2017

Venue: Field 2 Talobilla Park, Kippa-Ring

Time: 3pm

Mission: To start the Relay off and photo opportunities for everyone 

Redback Attendance:
Dark Dora
Imperial Drone

Support Crew:


Galactic Academy:



Dark Dora and Teiwaz arrived early enough to check out the change room and organise the Survivor and Carer sashes for DW, Canuck, and themselves.  Once everyone was kitted up we were escorted down to the starting line by Canuck and Team Tutu. We were honored to be asked to hold the banner and led the Survivor and Carers lap. We then proceeded with another lap with all of the Relay Teams.  Plenty of photos taken and lots of smiles.  We trooped for about 90 minutes in the hot sun so well done troopers.  A would like to give a big shout out of thanks to our two little GA members Liam and Megan  who trooped the entire time.

Team Tutu is a group of 5 wonderful girls who raised just over $3 000 for this event.  Well done girls we are proud of you and thank you for your help on the day.

Charity Funds Raised:$77.20



Public Incidents:Nil

Mission Status: Success


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[quote pid='173116' dateline='1502689942']
Great little short troop for another amazing cause.
can't wait for the next troop   Peace

FNG SN17 OCC2015DW2015BN15DW2016 DW2017
Good work troopers. Now you should come and do a lap of brissie CBD at bridge to bridge or MS moonlight strolls...  Doppeldaumen1
Have we ever hit anything with these things?

DW2016   OCC2016   BN16  
well done troopers
A fun little troop and good times were had afterwards too!
FNG  OCC2017  CVIII DW2017  BN16 OCC2016
A special one for us, the heroes are the girls who lugged around that jawa for 18 hours. The team includes Stacey's daughter and her best friends. They raised $3000 through months of hard work. We're very proud of them.

Thanks troopers for coming out to support them.
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Hola, could you please load images to Imugr for me. Helps with PR and Xmas summary etc. Thank you in advance.
Proud Redback Garrison member, Redback Alliance member and Tatooine Base CO
(Thursday 24-Aug-2017, 01:12 PM)Iceheart Wrote:  Hola, could you please load images to Imugr for me.  Helps with PR and Xmas summary etc.  Thank you in advance.

Imgur album added. 
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