16-12-17 Magneticon Star Wars Promo - Castletown
Date: 16 December 2017

Venue: Castletown Townsville

Time: 1130-1300

Mission: To bring an imperial presence to Christmas shoppers and to promote Magneticon 2018

Trooper Attendance:

seantrooper - ST
Red Empress - TS
Iceman - BH Greedo

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance: 

(unofficial wranglers - part of magneticon promo team)
DannytheBlue - Jedi
Buddy Love - Kylo
NQdude - reserve pilot

Troopers arrived and suited up alongside magneticon promo team, which included a few familiar faces Wink

Troopers were well received with the crowds, many photos were taken and any rebel traitors were captured and brought in for questioning. Finished with a walk around the shopping centre and returned to the changeroom ready to board the next imperial shuttle back to base.

Charity Funds Raised: n/a

Injuries / Malfunctions: None that I am aware of

Public Incidents: One scared little girl that didn't notice the shoretrooper standing beside her when taking a photo of her friends. Usual Greedo uncertainty from the little ones (can't trust him because you know he'll shoot first Wink )

Mission Status: complete success


[Image: iJwyUw9.jpg]
 [Image: kaizoku_sentai_gokaiger_henshin_hd_final...55xtn2.gif]

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