QSO Blockbuster Movie Themes
Date: Nov 30th, 2019

Venue: Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Time: Show 1 2pm, Show 2 7:30pm

Mission: The 501st and RL were to provide half the entertainment pre show and during intermissions at QSO's Blockbuster Movie Themes performances.
The other half of entertainment was to be provided from other costumers encompassing the various themes being performed.

Trooper Attendance:
Donut 50180 - POC
SithPrincess - coPOC
TKHesh 18772 - TK
Bikuchan 81915 - Kylo Ren
Mykill 20552 - TI
Spooky 19770 - DZ
Sticky - Vader
RoboTom 40363 - ID
Blue 11005 - IG

Lucky Phil - TFA Luke Skywalker
Ashlyn Dubreas - Battle Rey/Resistance Pilot
StarScribe - Endor Leia
Thrawn V'Jun - X-Wing Pilot/RFT

From the outset, this was always going to be a problematic troop, as it fell on the same day as the Special Needs Children's Party. So as well as many troopers being double booked, I was also spread entirely too thin, as I had to organise superheroes and wear the Grinch outfit for the Children's Party, as well as liaise with not only the the 501st and RL members, but also all the other costumers who were mostly organised thanks to all the work of SithPrincess.

Despite this being a recipe for disaster, and the whole thing being a complete and utter nightmare, with thanks to troopers from both groups plus the amazing work of all the other costumers, we managed to help make the event a success.

QSO were overall pleased with the end result and patrons to both performances were excited and happy.

Charity Funds Raised: Nil N/A

Public Incidents:
Okay. So public incidents - there was one creepy guy who was hanging around the females from all groups who I had to move along at one point.
QPAC is also a complete maze and we were left to navigate our own way through the many corridors for much of the afternoon and night. This led to several instances of people getting lost, not knowing how to leave, and me having to run the full gauntlet outside, back through the stage door and up the flights of stairs to let people in the backstage access door several times. 

I'm going to add more here, and although they aren't public incidents as such, there were MAJOR PROBLEMS with this troop and these issues need to be raised.

I am going to be pretty blunt. I apologise if that upsets anyone, but again, the following all needs to be said.

If you sign up to an event, for the love of God please read the forums for updates. I should not have to be chasing people around on Facebook relaying information, especially to those I don't have on Facebook. I should not have to send you a friend request to relay information. As a POC that is not my job.
The forums exist to facilitate communication and if you don't use the forums to access the information, then that's on you. 
This event was a complete nightmare for me. Trying to get information from my end was so problematic, but when so many didn't bother to read a single update posted on the forums it made my life so much more difficult than it needed to be.

As a POC, I have the final say on what goes at an event. If I give you a direction within reason, you follow it.
As a POC it is my job to find the best balance between delivering what the client wants and what all of us are capable of giving.
I've been doing this for nearly a decade. I'm good at it. If you disagree with something I say or do, you are most welcome to bring it to my attention. 

With an event such as this I had limited slots. That was made very clear from the moment the event was posted to the forums. 
This was also an event with a high profile client, with specific conditions in place.
Because slots were so limited, then the expectation on signing up was that you could attend both sessions. Too many slots went to people who only attended a single session. And by the time this information was relayed to me, I'd already sent off the names list for security.
This placed me in a very unfair position, because as the POC it is me who is failing to deliver something that met the client's expectation.

I know people were spread thin between events. But myself and others were spread thin too.
Before and between shows, I had to run around organising a special change area for Sauron to change in. I was ferrying people constantly. I had been the Grinch for an hour and a half at the previous event.
And yet I managed to be present at every pre show and every intermission.

The above sounds very harsh, and I want people to know that I completely understand if you were unable to fully commit to what was essentially 3 events for the day.
It was a humungous day and I understand. However for the future, before you sign up to an event please consider what else you're signed up to. Consider what the event entails, and what the expectation of the event is.

Now that I've had my rant, I want to thank all of you for coming. I truly appreciated all the time and effort you all gave and it was overall a successful event.
It was just one of the most frustratingly difficult events I've ever organised in ten years worth of them. And with a little forethought, it could have been so much simpler.

Mission Status:
Well said, Donut. I also felt your frustration, which I agree could've easily been avoided.

All that aside, it was still a fun event. Thanks so much for all your hard work and extreme patience.
Bunnies..... The cutest things ever!
Thank you for POCing Donut! It was a fantastic troop! I hope that what I did do to try and help out was helpful and I wasn't causing more problems. Thank you so much for your hard work and effort, I really appreciate everything you so as a POC.

Well technically Rebel Pilot lol but it is funny.

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