Galactic Fest 2020
Troop Report 
Transmission start: CC-33827 Commander Cody, Bolt Reporting!

Galactic Fest 2020

Date: 18/01/20

Mission: To bring an imperial presence to the Toowoomba library for Galactic Fest!

Mission Status: Complete success!!


501st attendance: CC:33827 Bolt, TK: 90579 Scotty33, BH: 22810 Snips, TI: 20552 Mykill, SL: 81915 Bikuchan, TB: 12311 Teiwaz, DZ: 70809 Dark Dora, TB: 49000 Studio49, BH: 57730 BobaCanuck, IG: 11005 Blue, ID: 22008 Sharpshooter

Cadets: Allegionary

RL attendance: Ashlyn_Dubreas

07:30 – Arrived and found parking. We began moving gear almost right away. 
08:00 – Set-up was in full swing, we had the wanted poster, Tantive IV backdrop and Roger along with a table and Hear & Say flyers and poster. 
09:00 – With the set up completed I ordered the troopers to go kit up. Snips and I stayed with BobaCanuck and Allegionary to wrangle the first shift.
09:15 – Scotty was the first to kit up, followed by Teiwaz, Dark Dora and Studio49. 
09:30 - The doors opened and we started doing what we do best!
09:35 - With MyKill, Blue, Sharpshooter and Bikuchan in costume Channel 10 news and the Toowoomba Chronicle came to video and take photo's. 
10:00 - Troopers took a short break. Allegionary manned the table as Snips and I wrangled and took donations for Hear and Say.
10:30 - Ashlyn_Dubreas joined the troop and after wrangling for a while BobaCanuck was on the floor trooping. Blue and Sharpshooter finished around this time. 
11:00 - I swapped with Scotty and suited up as most troopers from the morning took a break. Teiwaz started wrangling. 
12:30 - Dark Dora switches to wrangling around this time and Scotty suits up again. Mykill breaks for lunch. 
13:00 - Snips finished wrangling and suits up. Bikuchan finishes and breaks for lunch.
14:00 - Bolt, Snips and Studio49 break for lunch. 
15:00 - Troop completed, pack up begins. BobaCanuck and Scotty are the last troopers standing. 
15:30 - Packup completed, troop successful! 

Malfunctions/injuries: I helped adjust Teiwaz's belt, Studio49's shoulder bell came loose, Snip's broke one of her jetpack nozzles.

Public incidents: We made a few kids cry.. so just the normal!

Charity funds raised: $320 for Hear and Say

Thank you all for coming up for this event, despite the rain we did so incredibly well and had a great presence. Judging by all the positive feed back I'm hearing we really did a great job! 

Some special commendations have to be made. 

- To Allegionary. On his second ever troop he manned the table the entire day without taking a single break. There is a video going around where he is asked a fairly in-depth question about legion members and he answers without hesitation. Mate, top job talking to the crowd and promoting the Legion, you did great!

- To BobaCanuck. On his first ever troop he went for at least 3hrs straight. Huge effort, you are a real trooper! 

- To Dark Dora and Scotty. Both of you guys put in huge shifts again this troop and were willing to suit up and cover for other troopers taking breaks. 

Thanks all and well done!

[Image: 49402211473_66bb04d1d3_c.jpg][/url]

[url=][Image: 49402210763_ff853aa572_c.jpg]

[Image: 49402691016_7d2acddf30_c.jpg]

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Great report Bolt, and just to reiterate, a massive thank you to everyone who came up to help!

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Great work troopers
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Great work everyone , Toowoomba doing great on the troop scene .
Thank you for POCing this troop again Bolt. It was a lot of fun!

Thanks for the great, detailed troop report too Bolt!
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